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    New River Gorge Bridge

    The New River Gorge Bridge is the site for Bridge Day, a legal BASE jumping festival held on the third Saturday of October every year near Fayetteville, WV. With 450 jumpers from 40 states and 10 countries, it's the largest BASE jumping event in the world (since 1980). Participants must have 100 skydives and jumped in the last two years. 20-25% of all jumpers are first time BASE jumpers and we offer several first BASE jump courses. We've got a diving board for the more experienced jumpers and a normal 10' wide launch platform located more than 876' off the New River. Please visit our website for further information.
  2. base428

    Class Action Lawsuit - NPS

    Permit Denial #1 Permit Denial #2 Fred Morelli talked about a lawsuit against the NPS more than five years ago. I'll give him a call/email and find out more. The bottom line is that our group is small, but we need to be loud. It would take a major commitment and lots of $ to pursue a lawsuit. Proper use of the media would be critical to be heard. Are jumpers ready to donate time and money to the cause? Maybe, maybe not.....
  3. We will have a currency requirement for PARACHUTE jumps (not restricted to BASE jumps), since many people at Bridge Day will have no prior BASE jumps. This information will be available shortly at
  4. base428

    Watch Out!!!!!

    Huh? NPS and DOH were not happy with Bridge Day? Where did you come up with that, because the NPS has always disliked BD? Off-season busts will never affect BD, period. Yep, Monday's busts are making the AP wire. Must be a SLOW news week.
  5. Thanks for the explanation. If a jumper has no medical or rescue insurance, would they be wasting their money on the Air Glacier Insurance?
  6. base428

    What happen to the WV girl?

    Guilt? None.
  7. base428

    What happen to the WV girl?

    We pulled her badge Thursday night. Story here:
  8. There is no doubt that Bridge Day will attract new jumpers to the sport. On the other hand, some will realize it's not for them. Many jumpers will be excited to provide additional training to you in preparation for your 2nd BASE jump, and others will be upset that their secret sport has yet another member. Regardless of which path you choose to take in your parachuting career, do what is best for you and for the sport. Listen to those with wisdom and guidance. Ignore those who are negative and hateful. Have fun and be safe. Hopefully I can share an exit point with you somewhere in the future.
  9. base428

    New River Gorge water levels

    I haven't checked lately, but have heard nothing about the water levels being abnormally high or low. We've had rain off and on in the last month, so I would assume there are some shoreline landing areas open. But it takes a near drought to expose the sand bar. PS. We have more injuries when the water is low.
  10. base428

    NPS Permits

    I've received four permits for Bridge Day. Two of them (2003, 2004) are here: Here are two denials (one written, one on my answering machine): In my opinion, you need the help of your Congressman or lawyer to get a permit outside of Bridge Day. And I've already tried the Congressman approach (apparently he's got more important things to do). You might make more progress by organizing a packing protest or bugging your elected officials.
  11. base428

    Who is this BASE jumper?

    Eric Ryde. 100% sure.
  12. base428

    Aerial cameraman at Bridge Day

    Along those same lines, I am looking for someone to film or help film Bridge Day 2006. Triax recently cancelled. You and/or your team can film the event for me and I will edit and distribute, or you can film/edit/distribute the event yourself. Email me if interested (click on BASE428 at left for email address).
  13. base428

    sold out

    One hour sounds pretty normal, at least in the last few years. The waiting list is a good thing to be on, as several rooms always open up in the next few weeks. The Holiday Inn must contractually hold 15+ rooms for a military commitment, but they're usually released to the waiting list shortly before Bridge Day. Don't forget, you can also camp at the Holiday Inn and still have hot showers each day. Let me know if anyone has any questions or needs assistance with hotels.
  14. base428

    Bridge Day 2006 Video Festival

    Check out the link that Donk listed above - it includes the judging criteria (same as last year). Cya.
  15. base428

    Breakdown of Canopy Usage at Bridge Day 2006

    That's some funny stuff. I knew I could get someone to fall for that. While being the most popular doesn't always equate to being the best, we can see a lot from this analysis. And I'm sure the manufacturers might be interested in knowing a rough estimate of their market share as well. Bridge Day is a pretty good representation of the BASE community with new and old jumpers attending each year. So I would assume that these numbers aren't off by that much when extrapolated to the entire BASE community. Stay tuned.....harness/containers will be posted shortly. PS. Who makes the "Aquila" canopy? Never heard of it.
  16. base428

    Sevens knees in the breeze!!

    Hey Seven, I'll be at Bridge Day. I believe we met in Norway at the 2004 Heliboogie. If you or anyone else arrives in West Virginia early that week, you are more than welcome to stay at my place. There are usually 1-2 jumpers here on Mon-Wed. I'm less than 2 hours drive away from NRGB and there are some small towers and smokestacks nearby. Cya.
  17. base428

    NRG on NPR

    Calvin also opposes any jumping outside the normal Bridge Day window, even if the jumping takes place from the state-owned bridge and landings were on private property. I've spoken with many people who fought for that area to become a National Park and now they regret it.
  18. base428

    Photos Los Angeles Area

    BASE jumping is not illegal in California. I have made plenty of legal jumps in California. Otherwise, good luck with your search for jumpers.....
  19. base428


    Read this
  20. base428

    Camera Belly mounts for flocks?

    Personally, I'd rather fly a wingsuit with a bullet cam than a bellymount system. Unfortunately, bullet cams don't have the best resolution right now. Bellycams and wingsuits have been flown together on skydives and base jumps, but it might require you to have some help suiting up. I just got the chance to make some bellycam base jumps with my HDR-HC1 (Sony HDV) and the video is truly amazing. I don't think I'll ever have the guts, but I'd love to fly my wingsuit with my rhinocam (see attached). PS. I've got a new ball and socket system on my bellycams that provides greater camera movement.
  21. base428

    whats it worth

    TV = $1500-2000 per minute.
  22. base428

    Men's Edge Magazine

    Hmmm, one of those cropped pics sure looks a lot like a copyrighted photo that I own. One or two others appear to be from Leisure Sports Photo - the photographers in the crane basket.
  23. base428


    Kudos to you for asking first. Some people are not as wise as you, and they don't blink an eye when stealing your stuff. In the last 2 weeks, I had: 1) A photograph used w/o permission for a similar parachuting event. 2) Video segments I own were shown on various websites with new watermarked logos in the lower corner. So, since you asked first, you have my permission to use any pics on my websites in a non-commercial manner. Just let me know which ones you use and be sure to include a (c) on the photo (if it doesn't already exist). Send me a link to your site if you use any. Cya.
  24. base428

    Hard Camera Cases (i.e. Pelican)

    I've hauled two Pelican 1650's all over the world, but they're probably not the best choice. The 1650's pretty much max out the airline LxWxH limitations, but they weigh 22-25 lbs empty. That doesn't leave you much, now that most airlines have a 50 lb domestic weight limit (those bastards, it used to be 70 lbs) and a 62" LxWxH limit. If I were gonna buy a new case, I'd look hard at I work for a gov't subcontractor and we use Pelican and Storm Cases all the time. The Storm cases are far superior, especially the latching mechanisms. Also, if you want to max out the volume and still make it airline friendly, be sure to get one that is more cube shaped rather than rectangular. 30"x20"x10" = 6000 cubic inches, 60" LxWxH 20"x20"x20" = 8000 cubic inches, 60" LxWxH
  25. base428

    Writing letters - Expand the BD window!

    I'm glad to see other jumpers getting involved in this. Thanks. Yes, the DOH has turned me down. They think there will be rubbernecking ON the bridge when we are jumping UNDER the bridge. They didn't even take the time to read my proposal in full because I've attempted to address all their potential concerns. We're implementing an automated letter writing system later this month that is similar to the one the ABP is using. And the live TV broadcast at Bridge Day this year should feature my attempts to expand jumping here. Hopefully that'll wake some people up. It's too bad my state (West Virginia) focuses more on legalizing gambling than making NRGB jumps legal. My next step is to request one hour of legal jumps. How can they say no to that? Rubbernecking won't be a problem and I can at least prove to them that it's a win-win for all involved. Then we can progress to additional days, weekends, and possibly more. Fortunately, more and more local businesses and even the Chamber of Commerce are backing my plan. So, I'll continue the fight until somebody gets smart and opens the catwalk to us. Feel free to post your tips and comments here. Thanks.