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  1. The New River Gorge Bridge is the site for Bridge Day, a legal BASE jumping festival held on the third Saturday of October every year near Fayetteville, WV. With 450 jumpers from 40 states and 10 countries, it's the largest BASE jumping event in the world (since 1980). Participants must have 100 skydives and jumped in the last two years. 20-25% of all jumpers are first time BASE jumpers and we offer several first BASE jump courses. We've got a diving board for the more experienced jumpers and a normal 10' wide launch platform located more than 876' off the New River. Please visit our website for further information.
  2. If you're reading this and you have some control over the scheduling of the USPA Nationals, please take "Bridge Day" into consideration in the future. Bridge Day has been around for 30 years and it will always occur on the 3rd Saturday in October. It seems like the Nationals and Bridge Day dates conflict every few years (fortunately, next year looks OK). We have 500+ BASE jumpers at Bridge Day - many of them are skydivers as well. It would benefit BOTH events to schedule them apart. Many thanks for considering it! (c)2010 Vertical Visions. No unauthorized duplication permitted.
  3. I just got an angry PM from Robin.....PRICELESS! (c)2010 Vertical Visions. No unauthorized duplication permitted.
  4. It's a sad day for BASE jumpers around the world as we now have no reason to run to the mailbox each month. SKYDIVING was a great magazine and I'm going to miss it immensely. I would have gladly paid twice the annual subscription rate!! Many thanks to Sue, Mike, and Sandy for the countless Bridge Day/BASE emails, stories, and ads over the last 7 years that we've been organizing the event. I think I've had a subscription for the last 15 years or so and I'm really going to miss it. No need to refund my money! PS. Yes, Robin Heid will probably go on welfare! (c)2010 Vertical Visions. No unauthorized duplication permitted.
  5. Howard was a great guy and will be sadly missed. I never knew he drove for the Flatbed, I would have really enjoyed teasing him about THAT! (c)2010 Vertical Visions. No unauthorized duplication permitted.
  6. The perfect gift for an old school vidiot....... (c)2010 Vertical Visions. No unauthorized duplication permitted.
  7. Yes, they'll be there. Confirmed. (c)2010 Vertical Visions. No unauthorized duplication permitted.
  8. I've talked to Patrick recently and he's a nice guy. I just wanted to hear some other opinions. We're excited to have him at Bridge Day and the 450+ BASE jumpers and 150,000 spectators will definately take advantage of this tunnel. (c)2010 Vertical Visions. No unauthorized duplication permitted.
  9. They're scheduled to come to Bridge Day 2007 and I'm wondering if anyone has been in this tunnel? Is it geared for non-jumpers or will experienced jumpers be happy with it? Should we attempt to dampen the noise via hay bales or other sound absorbing materials with a large crowd nearby? I'm asking these questions because my company organizes all BASE jumping at Bridge Day and we want to have a safe and enjoyable time in the tunnel. Thanks. (c)2010 Vertical Visions. No unauthorized duplication permitted.
  10. Well, another exciting July 1st at 2pm for me. My server didn't crash this year, which was a relief. The load was up to 30 seconds between requests..... I'm in the process of answering emails and processing orders right now. If you were one of the many people who simply added quantity 5 jump slots to your order under one jumper's name, then you need to email me with information on the remaining 4 jumpers. I realize that you save valuable registration time by doing it this way, but it complicates things. In the next week, registered jumpers will receive emails informing them of their jump order and whether they got a hotel room (if requested). If you signed up for a FJC, you'll also receive further information via email shortly. Many thanks to all of you. It's been pretty smooth so far and more than 300 slots are gone in the first 1.5 hours. I'm looking forward to another great Bridge Day! Don't hesitate to email or call me if anyone has questions. (c)2010 Vertical Visions. No unauthorized duplication permitted.
  11. Yes, but if you took the Apex course, wouldn't you already have made a BASE jump during their course? Our training requirement only affects "first time BASE jumpers". If, for some odd reason, you were trained by Apex but didn't jump, then the Apex training would be more than sufficient. (c)2010 Vertical Visions. No unauthorized duplication permitted.
  12. Based on feedback received via email and this forum, we've added the option for first time BASE jumpers to be trained by an approved mentor (rather than attending one of our two FJC's). Approved mentors should be experienced BASE jumpers with 100+ BASE jumps performed from a variety of fixed objects. The mentor must have attended and jumped at Bridge Day in the past. You'll be required to provide contact information for your mentor when purchasing your jump pass. Of course, some will argue about what qualifies as an "approved mentor" and whether 100+ BASE jumps is adequate. Regardless, at least we're making an honest effort to educate new BASE jumpers in a technical and ethical manner. (c)2010 Vertical Visions. No unauthorized duplication permitted.
  13. Wow. More information please? (c)2010 Vertical Visions. No unauthorized duplication permitted.
  14. Permit Denial #1 Permit Denial #2 Fred Morelli talked about a lawsuit against the NPS more than five years ago. I'll give him a call/email and find out more. The bottom line is that our group is small, but we need to be loud. It would take a major commitment and lots of $ to pursue a lawsuit. Proper use of the media would be critical to be heard. Are jumpers ready to donate time and money to the cause? Maybe, maybe not..... (c)2010 Vertical Visions. No unauthorized duplication permitted.
  15. Newsflash: Hank Caylor is going to be teaching a "Climbing, Rappelling, and Rescue Course" tailored for BASE jumpers at Bridge Day. It'll be a free course for registered jumpers. More info soon.... PS. At the post-jump party on Saturday night, he'll be hosting a seminar on how to safely crash through a hotel window after a 180. He's THE authority on that topic. Thanks Hank! (c)2010 Vertical Visions. No unauthorized duplication permitted.