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  1. Hey guys, looking at a used crossfire 2 don 2016 with 50 jumps. I’m at about 450 jumps rn and on the 129 I’ll be loading it at 1.4 Just looking into if there’s a big difference between the crossfire 2/3. I’ve read the 3 is a little more aggressive and dives more than compared 2 that have a slightly flat glide characteristic atleast to the newer 3. Just looking for more insight and some other opinions on the topic and if it’s worth the money to buy this basically brand new crossfire 2 129 over looking into grabbing the 3? any info helps thanks peeps!
  2. hello everyone, I'm very new to the sport just finished my AFF course and have one solo jump under my belt. After jumping my first solo with no coach or set dive flow I'm just wondering whats a good recommended path for checking off A license requirements? what should i be practicing on my non coach jumps? looking for a rule of thumb break down. Maybe some of the things that you did wrong that you would have down differently? any insight is appreciated!