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  1. JeNnEjEnN

    I hate wind

    it blows.
  2. JeNnEjEnN

    sometimes we all have to grow up.

    technically - not ALL of us... But good luck with that
  3. JeNnEjEnN

    Heliboogie roll call

    ...already here. Just waiting for the jumping season to begin
  4. JeNnEjEnN


    oh yes, 2007 will be a great year - started off well here in Norway at least!! best wishes to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. JeNnEjEnN

    KL-pse bring conector link covers

    I'm sure I have a few extra laying around... I'll bring them over. I arrive late on the 22nd. Jen
  6. JeNnEjEnN

    Fatality in Norway

    ditto - I'm speechless So sad...
  7. JeNnEjEnN

    Czech Republic

    oooh.... I'll be there next week Jen
  8. JeNnEjEnN

    GoFast roll call

    not me... (yeah I know you were ALL wondering ) Jen
  9. JeNnEjEnN

    Perris or Norway?

    kjerag- no question
  10. JeNnEjEnN

    BASE dytter

    I think it's a great idea. I'd love to try one out. Can never be too safe ya know...
  11. JeNnEjEnN

    BASE Won't Get You Women

    Damn. Me either I guess... Jen
  12. JeNnEjEnN

    CRW on BASE Jumps - Awesome!! ;)

    Very nice... I also did a lot of CReW before I started BASE jumping. I think it is a good way to progress into BASE. Maybe you might want to add something about how it gives you some practice flying & landing 7 cells, as they are quite different from the 9 cells everyone's used too... Just my $0.02 Jen
  13. JeNnEjEnN

    Wingsuits at Skyfest

    hehehe... well I *suppose* I'll be there Jen how about a heli-flock... sounds like fun eh?!
  14. Oh yay, on my B-day! Too bad I'll be cramming for my exam/presentation on the 26th...