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  1. A young lady at the Moab boogie this weekend had on a shirt that was an amusing spin on some of the stereotypical female behavior brought up in this thread. Some of you have probably seen it already. It said "Does this canopy make my ass look fast?"
  2. The worst hurricanes are always the ones with only one r in them.
  3. In others- be original In me- I wouldn't know
  4. More often than not, unfortunately, I end up telling the woman that I've definitely had better. And that she could maybe lose a little weight. I do like what Sean Penn said to the young lady in Sweet And Lowdown.... "Did you like that? Yea, I knew you would... They say I'm a great lover."
  5. Yes. Women frighten me. When one gets too close, I use the usual ruses to avoid contact. Such as holding up a newspaper. Clearing my throat and suddenly seeing something fascinating the next isle over, by the canned soups. Or stepping behind a structure such as a doorway, or a parked car.
  6. On the balcony with a pack of smokes and a few cans of Pabst.
  7. Many of you will be familiar with the Simpsons episode in which Lisa notes that there is an inverse relationship between happiness and intelligence. That is, the smarter you are, the more likely you are to be unhappy. What's your opinion on this? What has been your experience?
  8. You might also try Mesquite. I'm sure someone here knows their number.
  9. To pay for the student jumps... I did the math on how much I spent on drinking a few beers every day, plus additional cigarettes smoked when drinking, and realized I could pay for the $tudent jumps with that money I was literally pissing away. I didn't have to go dry, just cool it during the week. That paid for the $1100 in student jumps over 5 months. To get rig... I got the container and reserve from one person and the main from another, and both were cool with large monthly payments.
  10. I fly a Diablo so when I throw out I'm just preparing to fight with it as it opens. The first time I jumped it to see if I wanted to buy it, I thought I had a mal because upon opening it dove and turned really hard. I learned quickly that I have to be on the risers before it inflates because it does that every time. At first I thought its radical openings were annoying, but now I look forward to it. Another thing I'm aware of when I pull, since I have no cypres, is, "One simple action now or I'm dead. I guess I'll pull."
  11. Cava

    Body Art

    1 tattoo on my arm, it says I LOOK MUCH TALLER ON TELEVISION
  12. Try this. When in the sit position and you're starting to get unstable, pull your legs in under you while keeping your arms out. That will keep you vertical. Then try again putting your legs out, pulling them in again when they want to flip you over. If you can at least stay vertical doing that, your legs will eventually find their stable spot. "Happiness is knowing your hose is drained and in a safe place." Plato
  13. Cava

    Lost Hose Found

    Hey Dave, Last I talked to Jack was about three weeks ago. He thinks the 182 may have been damaged by the wind that messed up the DC. He said Bob would have to check it out. I don't know if Bob is back yet or if Bob will still do HPs out of the TBone. Guess we'll find out soon enough.