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  1. You might also try Mesquite. I'm sure someone here knows their number.
  2. To pay for the student jumps... I did the math on how much I spent on drinking a few beers every day, plus additional cigarettes smoked when drinking, and realized I could pay for the $tudent jumps with that money I was literally pissing away. I didn't have to go dry, just cool it during the week. That paid for the $1100 in student jumps over 5 months. To get rig... I got the container and reserve from one person and the main from another, and both were cool with large monthly payments.
  3. Try this. When in the sit position and you're starting to get unstable, pull your legs in under you while keeping your arms out. That will keep you vertical. Then try again putting your legs out, pulling them in again when they want to flip you over. If you can at least stay vertical doing that, your legs will eventually find their stable spot. "Happiness is knowing your hose is drained and in a safe place." Plato
  4. I pack occasionally for fun jumpers, more often just the rentals and student rigs when needed. My opinion would be that the entire job is mine. If a pack job has my name on it, I would prefer to do everything myself. That's the deal as I see it, and probably more importantly, if the pack job works or mals, or spanks someone etc., it's my work. Besides, if someone else prepped the rig for me, I would just have to recheck everything they did anyway. I've been called the "anal packer." So be it. I'm slow, careful, and I double check everything. As far as courtesies afforded me when someone wants me to pack, I only ask people to stow the toggles when they land so I don't have to spend ten minutes untwisting the brakes. But I still get that all the time anyway. So my opinion is, if you're being paid, do it.
  5. The most amusing one was this. The DZO was in the driver seat of an old 70's station wagon, driving down the road with a bunch of the jumper regulars all piled in the back. Like we were a big family on the annual family camping trip or something. Like going to Wallyworld or whatever. We were getting loud and rowdy. The DZO can't concentrate on the road. "Pipe down back there!" he says. Weird. But funny. Sort of. I'd really like to know who my dream writers are.
  6. No joke. A couple months ago I was coming home from the DZ on a Sunday night, and some kid in his daddy's oversized SUV blew through a red light and broadsided me. Almost totalled my car. If I was half a second slower the results could have been permanent. As for dangerous, risky behaviour I no longer engage in... 1 Having sex with someone I don't know. 2 Scrapping with my cat when drunk. He Will Win.
  7. Mine would slip all the way until the end stopped at the buckle. So my rigger stitched on another peice of cheststrap, effectively doubling its thickness. It never slips anymore.
  8. Over time I've lost interest in encouraging people, or even talking about it. The experience is so predictable. I will ramble on about it with certain friends who don't jump but understand that it's my thing and sometimes I like to talk about it. But my eyes glaze over when I find myself in that same old conversation... Whuffo: Wow, that's crazy! You're nuts! Me: Uh huh. W: Blah blah perfectly good airplane blah blah! Me: (no response) W: Is that expensive? How much does it cost? Me: Um, yea, sure, at first I guess, like anything else... I guess it depends. W: Blah blah blah I'm gonna totally do that some day blah blah blah...! Me: (concentrating on bubbles rising from bottom of glass of beer) Yea, you should...(the way you might answer a 9 year old who just told you they want to be an astronaut when they grow up)
  9. Nice jump name you picked. I hope you don't plan to emulate Wiley Coyote. Happy jumps.
  10. I got in the habit of packing a long snivel when I started jumping my Diablo. That way I am always in the saddle with my hands on the R Risers when it inflates and starts doing whatever the fuck it wants to, besides fly straight.
  11. This one I heard at my DZ... "Fuck safety. Skydiving is all about looking cool."
  12. I guess I'm one of the majority. Just help me get my rig on and set my alti to zero for me. And push me out when it's my stick. Can't see a fucking thing with these big black Geezer Shades on.
  13. Hi. As far as getting gear goes, you can spend alot more on new gear and get exactly what you think you want, with a container custom fitted to your body. But at least consider used stuff at first because a) it's alot cheaper, and if you consult your DZ rigger, he or she will watch out for you and make sure the stuff is airworthy, and b) time in the sport will familiarize you with more of the gear that's out there, so later on when you blow the big bucks on new stuff you'll have a better idea of what you want. Just remember that what you buy you are stuck with for a while. And the cheapest jumps are Hop'N'Pops, 3 to 4K feet for 8 bucks (at my DZ) Just my .02 Hope it helps.
  14. Did you say "hoping to buy some beer soon"? Welcome.
  15. sarcasm will get you everywhere