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  1. QuoteInfo on the "JSX", the Ground Launch Center, PST, Canopy Piloting School, Expeditions & more will soon be available at
  2. Info on the "JSX", the Ground Launch Center, PST, Canopy Piloting School, Expeditions & more will soon be available at
  3. The "JSX" canopy is being designed by Jyro and NZaerosports of New Zealand (the Parent company of Icarus Canopies), the designers of the FX, VX, Crossfire, Safire, ect. Not a product designed or marketed by Icarus (Cimsa). Look forward to more information on the "JSX" and other canopies in the near future. For more information check out
  4. You can read about the upcoming "JSX" Extreme at our forum at
  5. You can view a picture of the "JSX" at the forum at
  6. The "JSX" is in it's final testing and will be available to competition swoopers in mid to late summer 2004. The canopy will only be availble factory direct through Jim Slaton (Action Air Sports) from the parent company of Icarus Canopies. This high performance parachute is a 9 cell, 27 chamber cross braced canopy designed specifically for competition swooping. The wing has a similar shape like a VX but with new wing technology. The profile is thinner, it has new material choices, no stabilizers, new nose design, new trim and comes with additional options based off your flight requirements. The front riser pressure is similar to a VX but has heavier rear riser pressure than the VX. The JSX packs slightly smaller than a VX of the same size because of it's sleeker profile shape. More info on the JSX in the weeks to come...Jim
  7. All the results from the 2004 Swoop Festival are posted at
  8. Check out all the updated news and info at the forums at [/url][url]
  9. Thw PST Swoop Park forum is now online at the www.canopypiloting.comforum. Check out the pics too!
  10. You can check out all the DZs with ponds at
  11. You should post this same question to the forums at [/url][url]
  12. The address for [/email] [email]has been fixed, you can send in your photo submissions.
  13. Please contact for help, this address is now working correctly.
  14. is running a monthly photo contest, next mont winner recieving PST DVD!