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  1. The staff here is so friendly and their instructors are very professional. I took my AFF here and they taught me well! The landing area is gigantic, you can't miss it. The wind direction is very consistent and usually pretty light. Right now the field is covered with little purple flowers. The view is great too--you can see the ocean to the east and snow on top of the Sierra Nevada mountains to the west! The only negative thing I have to say is that when the indoor packing room gets crowded, you have to pack outside where there is no shade. Opportunity to work on your tan, I guess!
  2. I jumped there for the first time this last weekend and it was great. The staff was friendly and got my friends and I on a load immediately. They had a tiny Cessna that only fit 4 fun jumpers at a time, but the staff told me they will be getting a King Air this summer, so that would be a huge improvement. The landing area is small and gets quite windy, so probably not the best conditions for students, but overall, not bad for a dz that just opened up!