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  1. Infidel1

    Skydive Taft

    Taft is amazing. It is far out away from everything, which is a good thing sometimes. but still just a couple of hour drive from L.A. The staff are all super friendly, and highly skilled. Lelo is an incredible skydiver, and he and all the instructors go out of their way to include you in any jumping they are doing, regardless if it a spur of the moment thing, or something that was planned, and they help you work on your skills without hesitation. I find a lot of DZ's are populated with big egos and cliques, but at Taft, they are really just all about the jumping! Another plus is a big bunkhouse, and if you're jumping there is no charge. The prices are awesome too for 2017! $18 jumps all year! I always have a blast whenever I get up to Taft. I highly recommend it to any skydiver.
  2. Infidel1

    Skydive Perris

    I came to Perris in search of a more professional environment than the other local DZ. I was tired of showing up and then jumping alone because I wasn't part of the clique, or that I was older than the typical jumper there, or getting bumped off of a load because they had a tandem customer who wanted a video flyer. When I go skydiving, I go to be in a happy place, and I got tired of feeling like my business wasn't appreciated. There were some good people there when I started skydiving a couple of years ago, but now they are mostly gone. Surprisingly, some of them turned up at Perris! Skydive Perris has an extremely professional vibe. I mean by example: 1.sheer number of planes-tons! WAY qualified instructional staff--the best in the world. excellent facilities (Bomb Shelter Grill and bar, swimming pool, paved runways, well kept landing areas,clean and modern bunk house, Pro Shop, Wind Tunnel on site, Fully staffed loft run by a veteran Master Rigger---And perhaps most importantly, hand towels in the bathrooms when you need to clean up). The Instructors and Load Organizers are all exceptionally skilled and patient. Many of them are legends in the sport, yet still go out of their way to greet me by name whenever I come out to jump, and make sure I'm connected with the Load Organizers of the day. Also, there are TONS of wing suit flyers who come to Perris regularly, and the willingness of the Load Organizers to include me in whatever flights they are doing has been a real bonus for me. They ALWAYS want to include me in whatever jumps they are working on with other flyers, so my flying skills have improved dramatically in a short time. Also, they share their skills and knowledge freely, and make me feel like they really want to see me improve, like they want me to be a better jumping partner. In my opinion, at Perris, the staff is really their greatest asset. It is obvious to me that the owners of Skydive Perris have put their best efforts into building and running a world class skydiving venue over the past 40 years. I feel that Skydive Perris truly values my business, and I highly recommend Skydive Perris for anyone thinking about skydiving in Southern California. It doesn't matter if you are brand new to skydiving, or a rank amateur, or a seasoned veteran in the sport; you will find Skydive Perris to be an exceptional place to skydive.