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  1. Well, we can't see how long the loose end is, to know if it could interfere with pilot chute extraction. Likely? No. Possible? Yes. What if the pilot chute falls back into his tracking burble and flops around behind his ass? And why take the chance when the fix is so simple and easy?
  2. Way to go, TampaPete - you got my issue on the first response. That pull-up cord might be used to tie his leg straps together, but if that's the case, he shouldn't leave all that slack hanging out loose to snag a pilot chute bridle. All those other issues, wow, I had no idea. You guys caught stuff I hadn't even imagined! Amazing amount of knowledge, and sharp eyes, present here. Thanks for the learning experience. The shirt seems tucked in to the leg straps very well, I don't really see that one as being a problem.
  3. This comes from the two-page center-fold spread, "Parachutist", June, 2015, right half of the picture. For some reason it's fun scanning the magazine photos to see if you can spot potential problems with people's gear setups. and I see a minor item here. Not the helmet camera. Can you guess it? [inline Capture.jpg]
  4. SkyMako

    My rig !!

    You have an adjustable size canopy? Yeah, odd answer. I took it to mean that was both the main and reserve sizes.
  5. Flag jump photo, Parachutist, June 2015. Next question. I can't figure out how this flag jump is done. How do they get the flag attached to the outside ankles of two different people in a side by side? What happens when they try and track off to open? Does one of them have a flag cut-away? Wouldn't the other one, the one stuck with keeping the flag, be risking a huge entanglement with his main deployment? Seems like the wind drag on that flag would also be pulling them up by their feet, yet they manage to stay belly to earth. Hmmm... Wondering... [inline flagjump.jpg]
  6. Parachutist, front cover, June 2015. New guy trying to learn. This cover photo seems to show a swooper with a pull-up cord on his right hip, right where he would be reaching to get his bottom-of-container deployment handle. Is that a good idea? Seems like you could get the pilot chute wrapped up in or snagged on that pull-up cord... And I presume he un-did the chest strap after opening... Trying this inline attachment thingee... [inline pondswoop.jpg]
  7. Aerodyne ad, back cover of Parachutist, image attached. Why are all these skygods standing in a junkyard? Couldn't they get a more flattering photo of these folks together? Just curious...