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  1. Yep, things have gone to the dogs and the dogs have gone from the DZ. Nothing like stepping in a dog dropping on a hot day. Freefall Hall
  2. It boild down to these items.. IQ -/+ Wide hips 36/44 busts 39 -/= Freefall Hall
  3. Most people that I have met or will meet dislike me immediately. I am smarter than most people but I can't do most crossword puzzles or make change in my head. When I go most people will not acknowledge ever meeting me but the operative word is "go". I am going to stick around until I can beat old George Bush at jumping. I don't like most people and they don't like me, even my wife says she can't stand me except on payday. I ave made a couple thousand jumps but neve with a friend. Freefall Hall
  4. I never was a real nice guy and most people will find it easy to not miss me when and if I go but go is the operative word and I intend to hang around a long, long time. To hell with dying doing something you love but if I have to I hope it happens in bed.
  5. Not bad for a diversion Freefall Hall
  6. It is about strapping on a rig and stepping out of an airplane. Freefall Hall
  7. Sounds like a heck of an idea. No thanks expected. I have a few more if you are interested. Freefall Hall
  8. Well, opinions are easy to come by and everyone is entitled to one or two or three. Mine are based on over forty years in the sport. Freefall Hall
  9. There have been over 1000 fatalities in this sport since I first jumped. I would estimate that the great majority of them were preventable. I recall a study years ago indicating that a majority of female fatalities were experiencing a period at the time of the fatality. I don't have a dog in the race but self denial, meditation and common sense will get you to your old age.
  10. Look at it this way. I have seen a million people driving vehicles who wouldn't be safe walking unassisted. Just accidents waiting to happen and during the last 45 years I have seen my share of jumpers who are also at risk due to lack of common sense. You won't find SOS jumpers competing in canopy formations. Freefall Hall
  11. Age isn't the problem. The problem is when a jumper fails to recognize reduced capabilities as they age. This woman could quite possible be experiencing menopause at 48 and that condition is well documented as contributing to fragile emotional conditions. There are old jumpers and bold jumpers but damn few old bold jumpers. Personally I adjusted my performance when as I aged. I admire the youngsters but cannot hope to compete with them and I don't believe they would care to strap on a B4 with a cheapo and a four pin container where hard pulls were the norm. As was landing on sum baked turf without doing a PLF. Hell, they probably don't even know what a PLF is. Freefall Hall
  12. Todays Parachutist carries info on a wrap resulting in two fatalities. A male and a female with 8K jumps combined. The female was 48 and probably too old to be involved in canopy formation jumping. Bottom line - two dead.
  13. Forget terms; liberal,conservative. The proper address is "have' and 'have nots". Since the beginning of time it has been a contest between haves and have nots. The engine that drives haves is profits. The engine that propels have nots is need. These are basic human traits installed by nature and irrevocable. The hungry will come after those with food. Those with food will kill to protect what is theirs. Religion and politics are merely symptoms of the human condition manifested by the needy. It has ever been so. Freefall Hall
  14. Perhaps it is time to acknowledge that the "sport" has turned into a profit making industry and apply the same restricitions. Personally I would outlaw tandems and passengers on a motorcycle.
  15. I have been in the sport about as long as Strong, In fact he was one who provided my Instructer rating in 1971. He is in a sport that deals in possible death. With his years in the sport he must recognize that there are legions of get rich quick tandem factories and his harness should have been designed to prevent incorrect usage by those leeches. May the result of this experience be the additional care of those mfg equipment same as medical malpractice lawsuits. Evil but necessary to protect the unsophisticated. Besides, perhaps it is time for Ted to retire to Miami.
  16. I am interested in opinions of the B12 snaps on the harness. Like? Not like? Reasons? Freefall Hall
  17. I made the first jump in 1965. Eight years later after about 750 jumps I gave up logging but now after thirty five more years knocking around the 'Sport" I really enjoy getting out those old log books and reading about times with jumpers, some of which are in eternal freefall. It is a diary, no more, no less. When used for establishing license requirements it just relies on someone's honesty. If yu elect to log jumps many years from now you will be rewarded with many a chuckle and perhaps a sigh. Freefall Hall
  18. Thank you for the comments. This is my 45th year in the sport and have been with it from the B12 with the chest mounted reserve and airplane altimeter and stop watch landing a T7U cheapo to present day amazing equipment. Recently at Deland I watched some of the teams land their high performance canopies and I am awed. The other sign of the coin is I have been there when several jumpers bought the farm. I lasted this long by following my own judgement after listening to others. I made my first jump in 1965 at Orange, Mass. Nate Pond D69 flew the Norseman and a guy named Smith jumpmastered. Great sport and I am kind of sad that I must soon call it quits. USPA 471 C5052Quote
  19. I would like some opinions from knowledgable people on the skyhook RSL. Can any senior rigger pack the reserve with the skyhook included? Freefall Hall
  20. This was my first jumpsuit which I purchased in 1965. I wore it for 20 years. It is tough, comfortable and affordable.
  21. I have been jumping a Pilot canopy and my bones can't take it any more so I am purchasing a Triathlon based on recommendations seen here and elsewhere. More than likely other Pilot jumpers will disagree and perhaps it is my landing techniques but regardless it is time for a change.
  22. You know Jim, it is difficult to explain how when hundreds of thousands of people show up for the tandem jump the USPA is declining in membership. Well, the tandems sure put a crimp in bungee jumping. Freefall Hall
  23. Jim, I couldn't have said it better myself. Certainly DZO's have to survive and that is where the rubber meets the road. Without a doubt tandems are here to stay and Super King Airs and Twin Otters have made huge contributions to the sport raising it to a new level. Perhaps these big birds would not be possible without the income generated by the tandem operations so we will find a way to co-exist. In the meantime I am off to the Ranch at Gardiner to make my birthday jump (81) Last year I made it at Cross Keys. The day before my jump, September 11th a tandem pair became mortalities. Into each life some rain must fall. Freefall Hall