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  1. News: "Taylor Swift Charity" http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/taylor-swift-charity/
  2. Ha! Hoss was cast as a little slow-witted, but with a really big heart. Little Joe was a bit too brash, but scrappy for his size. Adam was... um... how would you describe Adam? He was just too serious and boring to really get much attention.
  3. So I'm home sick on a weekday, watching daytime TV which I don't normally get to do, and old "Bonanza" re-runs are on. My favorite character as a kid was always Hoss. Still is. How about yours?
  4. Well, at least I named two of the drop zones within possibility. You say there are four, but didn't name any of them. So who's being most helpful?
  5. All right, so I got 'em reversed. So solly Challie...
  6. Pro-tec's aren't considered "cool", but they're actually one of the better helmets out there, for the padding that they have on the inside compared to the high-end full face helmets. However, that one is not the right model, as it leaves your ears exposed. For one thing, the wind noise will be enormous and you'll go deaf, and secondly, sooner or later you'll have an opening where risers or lines go past your ear, and will leave it bloody. So get the type of Pro-tec which has the wrap around shell that covers the ears. It still has openings so you can hear, which is a good sense to keep when you're under canopy. Something like this one: http://www.amazon.com/PROTEC-Original-Full-Cut-Helmet/dp/B00ZX0MNGQ That's it for me. Now all the cool kids will chime in and tell you to buy the $300 helmet which blocks your hearing, restricts your vision from being able to see your handles, has no protective padding inside, and has a mirror visor so no one can read your eyes. PS: Turn your photo upright!
  7. Just got around to seeing it. A good Agatha Christie who-done-it. With lots of blood... So what was the purpose of having to nail the cabin door shut every time someone entered? I kept expecting that to play a role in the plot somewhere, and it never did. It was just stupid. Was it supposed to be symbolic of the group of travelers trapped together in the blizzard? And with all of talk about the blow job, Samuel T. seemed to use every modern nickname for a penis, like "Johnson". It seemed stupid. That nickname probably didn't even exist in that time frame. Such rough men would have just called a dick a "dick". What was the point of avoiding the obvious words? They sure didn't mind using the "N" word, as that word was uttered probably 200 times. So why would "dick" be so wrong? Next, there there were several tables lit up with bright light like there was a skylight in the roof. Which of course, there wasn't because they hadn't been invented yet, and would have been covered under feet of snow anyway. So it was obviously artificial spotlights, used to give reflective light to the actor's faces sitting at the table. Could have done that better. Then there were some political zingers, like Sameul T saying; "The only way that black men are safe is when white men are disarmed." I don't think that was meant only for the 1870's. Except for some minor stuff like that, I enjoyed the plot.
  8. This right here might be the next world hackey sack champion: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=4a8_1452831173
  9. Nice place. Your drop zone would be Clewiston, also nice. Within range of Z-Hills.
  10. noneUm, what about that base jump off the tower at 3:00 with a pilot chute in tow down into the snow? That looked like death from high speed impact for sure.
  11. It's "AAD", not "ADD".