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  1. Divers: Bill Lee with ash bag, R.D. Latimer with video, Susan Fordyce, Scott Cook, Jim Culhane. Scott is a relatively "new" jumper who hasn't known Gary that long. But when Gary was getting weak with his illness, he expressed the urge to get out and go canoeing one last time. Scott invited him out an a paddling trip and took care of him. That endeared Scott to Gary, and to everyone else, and earned him an honorary spot on the ash dive. Scott is the guy with the nice beard.
  2. Gary's final wishes have been fulfilled, thanks to Kay Choate who organized the event. Gary was an avid fisherman, surfer and skydiver, among other pursuits. In order to combine his love for all three of these things, he wished to have his cremated remains released in freefall over the beach, where he often fished and surfed. This was done last weekend with a successful ash dive, and gathering of skydiving, fishing and surfing friends on the beach at Port Aransas, Texas. Gary's ash dive photos and video: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yuw438dm00cvt0c/AABDpuacr3LUoY5ey4NJox22a?dl=0 God speed, Gary.