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  1. What size speed 2000 do you think I could pack in there? I've emailed Mirage and Paratec with the same question. If I can get a bigger reserve in there I probably will.
  2. Yes I am concerned about the 143 reserve. I've talked to three experienced jumpers on my dropzone separately and they've all said it's fine. I will probably try to get the Optimum 160 reserve, I'll be wingloading that at 1.25. Not perfect but manageable I suppose? The attitude at my dropzone is that since it's a reserve ride as long as it saves your life it's okay and it flies docile because it's a 7 cell. Again I'm just a newbie so I don't really know much.
  3. So i've taken a few deep breaths and I think all is not lost. In fact I think everything will be just fine. The owner claims he was jumping a Sabre 170 in it and since he is shipping it packed inside I believe him. According to the Mirage guide it fits a Storm/Spectre 170 and according to the PD guide a Pulse 190 packs the same volume as those two. So I should be able to fit the Pulse 190 inside, nothing else but that's fine. In fact a Sabre 170 is just a one size bigger than Storm/Spectre 170 so looks like he's been exceeding the specs a little bit. I will not do that and I'll probably sell the Sabre to a new jumper since it sells pretty cheaply.
  4. So the size is M2. The reserve is PD 143R. Just checked the Mirage website and it lists Sabre fits with 135-150. The rig is already paid for and on its way. Did I fuck up? It looks like it. The label is here https://scontent-vie1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xtf1/v/t1.0-9/11229410_10155967679030109_665101189353601477_n.jpg?oh=b4286ef4e4d4b9dff4b083ba93f1d8f2&oe=5719C7E4
  5. the container is mirage g3. I checked the link you posted but no size there seems to fit the reserve / main combo. I haven't received the container yet. But when I do will it's size be written on it?
  6. I am getting my first rig second hand. The owner says t is supposed to fit Sabre 150 Sabre 170 and Pulse 190. I find it pretty hard to find a used Pulse 190 so I want to know if there are any canopies that will pack similar to Pulse at 190 square feet. Doesn't have to be from PD..