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  1. My issue is that i'm a rather short & small girl! I think the V306/8 options are the shortest containers. I'll see what UPT say!
  2. Everything would be brand new, including the canopy and reserve. Currently on a 150, looking to go to a 135 asap and then when the rig arrives the 129. I have contacted UPT regarding their opinion on the matter, hopefully they will be able to help! I'm guessing it'll probably be a V308 as I will be on the 129 for a while, so definitely don't want a tight fitting rig for a long time before I am comfortable going onto anything smaller.
  3. Yeah they're sizing chart doesn't seem to suggest that a Safire 2 129 would fit. Hence why i'm asking in case anyone else has that set up. I certainly don't want a pregnant rig / to be squeezing anything in. However then my only other option is the V308 which is then a loose fitting for the OP126 and a standard fit for the Safire 2 129. When ideally i'd want a standard fitting reserve and a full fitting main in order to accommodate a couple of downsizes when ready.
  4. I'm currently in the process of buying a new Vector. I would ideally like this rig to last a good few years and most likely accommodate a couple of downsizes. When it arrives i'm looking at being on a Safire 129 and would like an OP 126 for my reserve. Just wondering if anyone else has this inside a V306 and how tight it will be. I don't want two tight fitting canopies! Thanks in advance