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  1. Try "Parachute Rigging for Dummies" group in facebook" personally i just doble stow my lines and thats all even though my lines are dacron and this are bulky and some times i just single stow on the locking stow groomets, some times i wish larger ruber bands but there is not in the market.
  2. Who cares? people keep talking about this in multiple forums, personally i have been discusing this even with Brian Germain 2 or 3 months ago and he is against doble stow, the way he explain the theme is very convincent.
  3. Your decision but...if any of you single stow just be sure that locking stow ruber bands are not worn or close to break. If you single stow with a worn ruber band on a locking stow, this can break and beging the secuence from there while the other secuence from the pilot chute has begin too, this 2 secuences meet in the middle of the lines and Boom!!! Thats an out of secuence deployment that can lead to a injury, equipment damage or even death by a very hard opening. Be sure before of take any decision about this and dont be complacient about locking stows ruber bands condition. "I want to be like you because he wants to be like me"