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  1. lomcovak

    EPs: Look up before pulling reserve?

    I know I'm getting into heresy here but I've always pulled my cutaway then went to my reserve. I've never done the one hand on each handle thing and I've never understood any advantage to it but plenty of disadvantages. But then I've never looked at a handle. I took Pat Works' advice and practiced until I knew where they were. On my fourth malfunction I'm convinced I'd have bounced if I hadn't broken two rules. One, never cut away a total. But I did and when the reserve launched the main released. It wrapped around the reserve but the risers were disconnected to they just sort of wound that way too and were tossed aside. It left some pretty good burns on the reserve but I was ok. The second was looking at the handles. I was going through a grand and head down terminal. If I'd had to tear my eyes off the ground to find my handles I'd have gone in. No two ways about it. As it was while my mind was being overloaded at the sight of treetops flying away from each other my hands pulled my R2s then the reserve. Always cut away a total. Always cut away a pilot-chute in tow. Reserve opening shock is highly likely to dump the main d-bag out and if it's not cut away it will unstow all the lines as it falls away and then tangle with tension and cause a problem. If it's cut away it will fall away with risers and lines together and not reach any line stretch. Even if it entangles it won't have any force and won't affect the inflated reserve. A friend of mine has only just got back in the air after having this exact scenario which had him in a wheelchair for almost a year. He pitched his reserve with a PCIT without chopping and the reserve opening shock dumped his main which inflated and tangled around his foot. The asymmetry of the pull on his body sent his reserve into twists from which there was no recovery possible. It's simple. Execute your EPs exactly as you've learned and practiced and don't try to rethink the decades of accumulated experience and knowledge when you have a mal. Any advice to the contrary is bad advice.
  2. lomcovak

    First jump: Tandem or AFF?

    Just because you asked this question the answer should be obvious. Spoiler alert - it's AFF. It's like saying you're interested in becoming a pilot and want advice on whether to learn about it by taking a flying lesson or a ride as a passenger on an airliner. Sure you get basic safety training (crash position, emergency exits etc) but it's training on how to be a passenger not a pilot.
  3. lomcovak

    182 engine failures

    Tried scaling your wall of text until my eyes bled. Fail. I hope your business does better.
  4. lomcovak

    Top 5 Tandem Scams

    WTF! I know of the altitude rip off, there's a DZ near Vancouver BC that is notorious for it but "extreme freefall?" Does that really exist? If so please name and shame the dropzones that do it right here.
  5. I knew straight away that this question wouldn't be answered by hardly anyone in the thread yet it is actually the one question I'd like to see everyone answer. The policy is to land in the direction indicated by the tetrahedron. The OP is asking if you would joust with the first guy in order to follow the rule or follow his landing direction?
  6. lomcovak

    Curv owners

    Their largest size is the VC4, which according to their website holds up to 170 standard canopies. I would guess that you could get a Pulse 190 or Storm 190 in there, but I would contact them to be sure. They also just put stock rigs in every size up on the website. **c* me, so that's like a main and 169 reserves?
  7. lomcovak

    SABRE 120 for wingsuiting

    I was beginning to wonder about a modest downsize or a move towards something a little sportier until I recently started wingsuiting. Now I'm very happy I'm jumping a Pilot 150, hadn't had line twists in 150 jumps and have had them three times in the first nine WS flights. I think two rigs is the way to go for HP landings and wingsuiting, 90% of the chops I witness seem to be wingsuiters jumping pocket handkerchiefs. It's probably less expensive to just shell out for another rig!
  8. lomcovak

    Consistent line twists

    If I understand you I'd say the second way, lines down toward the BOC and bridle up by the closing loop near the reserve. I have under 100 pack jobs though so I suggest you get a remedial lesson from a qualified packing instructor or rigger. I think line twists are usually caused by poor body position. Perhaps do a coach jump and get video of your deployment?
  9. lomcovak

    Hoping for the right weather

    Read the forums, watch skydiving and base jumping videos on vimeo and youtube. There's a lot that can be learned doing that.
  10. lomcovak


  11. lomcovak

    skyfest jump