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  1. Thanks for posting your opinions! Happy jumping.
  2. Hey guys. I sometimes see things like that and think this could jam the three ring system. When i tell people they don't seem to take it seriously. In a shitty case i could see the material preventing the medium ring from going through the big ring and jamming it there. Am i paranoid? ;) (Nothing is misrouted, the material is just behind the ring instead of the side) Blue skies.
  3. Hey guys. Does anyone know from experience if the Safire 2 129 will be a standard fit in a V308 Micron Rig? In the UPT chart they mention the Safire but not the Safire 2. I heard that sizes can differ from Safire 1 to 2. Thanks!
  4. Thx everbody for your opinions/advice. Quality stuff! Happy jumping!
  5. I stepped up from a Phantom 3 (100 jumps) straight to the Freak. The distance i covered while flying in a relaxed bodyposition was amazing :) It was also possible to fly it in a very braked mode to stay close to small wings (phantoms, shadows). This toy is so much fun. But you have to be able to tame the power. If you fuck up on deployment it will kick your ass ;-) On my 10th ride i ended up in severe Linetwists and had to chop.
  6. Thanks everybody for the opinions. Appreciate it. I was @ 2900ft when i chopped. Considering it was the last jump of the day its fair to say i didnt have plenty of energy left ;) Hard housings, check... Good to know it's a valuable feature. @dthames: Could you elaborate on using arm wings as leverage to get out of a twist? Never heard about that so i'm curious to learn how that works for you. Happy jumping :-D
  7. Questions to the experienced jumpers: If you fuck up the deployment in your large wingsuit and end up in severe line twists (8 full rotations) and keep turning in the wrong direction: Would you fight as long as altitude permits or cut it away early? It happened to me recently. I was afraid that by twisting up more the canopy might end up diving and making a cutaway harder or impossible (i heard rumors of people being not able to cut away in severe line twists cause the cables were blocked by the twist). So i lost my cool and did an early cut. What's your opinion on this?