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  1. Cool, good luck! Yeah we'll have to plan something, that would be so cool!
  2. Hi Ryan! Fellow T1D here with a 670G. I'm at 475 jumps and all but a handful are with my pump attached. I've done up to 10 jumps in a day, avg is 5 and never noticed or had issues that stand out from background noise or packing exertion. I use temp target to keep my BG above 150 and take carbs as needed. Early on I tried to not wear it but found my bg was more unstable from not having insulin delivery for long periods (gearing up, dirt diving, waiting for tandems to board etc) I'm an ambassador for Medtronic and wearing the pump at "high altitude" is "off label" for them so they would say not to do it. Hope that helps and LMK if you have other questions! On a side note where do you jump? I know a couple other T1s and we are talking about a world record T1D jump someday LOL. John
  3. Hi! I'm T1 30+ years, skydiving 5 and wear my 670G under my jumpsuit. When I was in AFF stress and would cause my BGs to rocket but now I've pretty much got it figured out. I don't feel terrible with hi bg so would jump even if it was soaring but you have to do what works for you. Low is another story, I won't jump if my bg could go low in the near future. Nice job not letting it hold you back!
  4. I love using CGM, it's nice to be able to see BG right before getting on the plane. Love the zipper idea, I'll have to try that! Funny about adrenaline, when I was in AFF i was so stressed my BG would be in the 300 range and not come down. Now that I'm more used to it my BG stays way more stable. Also always carry a cliff bar just in case. Good to see other T1s out there not letting it slow you down! John
  5. Hi I am type 1 with CGM and pump. Sensor and infusion set on belly and pump tucked in my waistband under my jumpsuit. If wearing regular clothes I disconnect my pump and put in a zippered pocket before getting on the plane. Haven't had any issues but not a lot of jumps either. John