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  1. Speaking of the lawsuit, on 10/21, a stipulation was filed extending the defendants' time to answer (or move to dismiss, etc.) until 11/14/2005. Appearing specially for the defedants is E. Jeffrey Walsh. ttp://
  2. Comments welcome!
  3. From last weekend. :)
  4. Another good example of this is the Hammer (13). Shannon Pilcher explains the straight vs. curved hammer on
  5. Methinks if it were only that easy, we'd already have changed the rules. ;) Opinion Poll - Requires quick registration.
  6. Good point about the advanced/open distinction, but how would the USPA define "professional?" Would there be a committee that decides? What would the definition be? Is it a professional skydiver? (e.g. Tandem instructor). A professional 4-way skydiver? (does this include 4-way coaches??) What if I get free jumps from the DZ, but don't get paid anything additional. Am I a professional? I agree some method of restriction might be helpful, but it seems anything but giving the team the choice (like is the case now) would be hard to manage. I believe the the current rule only limits the classes to non-medal-holding teams. That I agree with at the least. (e.g. Teiwaz shouldn't sit in Advanced, in order to collect medals year after year).
  7. I hate to jump on the bandwagon, but I too choose to make a longer drive to Skydive Atlanta in Thomaston. While I ocasionally jump at other GA DZs, I keep going back (and sending tandems) to Thomaston.