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  1. Like Skybill says, if it fits use it. Back in the old days the tip of that tit would get filed off because there were more than one style of Capwell. One used that tit to center the male half of the capwell, the other style did not have that. To make the male part fit both styles (moving canopies from rig to rig), we would remove that tit. Dennis D-2759
  2. More importantly, is my pacemaker effected. Jump pilots don't look at the compas anyway. Dennis D-2759
  3. Didn't see my name in the credits. I was a student at the time. 'Wind Dummy' That was the one that bounced in front of the bleachers. D-2759
  4. Hay Marty, I was jumping there when they filmed it. Dennis Anderson D-2759
  5. Most balloon baskets are small and crowded. On the two that I have done, I hooked up standing up in the basket and then set on the low edge of the basket facing in and rolled off backwards. With this exit you don't have to do any climbing on the basket with a passenger attached and you won't catch the rig on the edge of the basket (exiting face first). You will do about 2 or 3 big slow backloops before you have enough airspeed to stabilize and throw the drogue. Be sure you have enough altitude for all of that. I had about 8000' for exit. have a good landing area picked before you exit. Dennis Anderson D-2759
  6. I am looking for a lineset or information to build one for a Pisa Zp150. Tried Aerodyne, they said no not us. Tried the customer contact on the Zodiac/Pisa web site a couple days ago and have not heard anything yet. Anyone out there have any info? Dennis Anderson D-2759
  7. Sorry Howard This airplane was a main story in EAA's Sport Aviation magazine. Every EAA member has seen this one. Dennis Anderson D-2759 EAA # 96212
  8. The pilot's name is Billy Compton, He is still alive and living in Wichita. And yes he was one of the best jump pilots I have ever met. Smitty jumped a T-10 and still managed to twist a knee on landing, and then took great delight in pulling his pants down and showing the girls his swollen knee.
  9. Martin Way back in the old days Jim Garrison (around D-97 I think) had a DZ in the Basehor/Tonganoxie area. West of KC late 60's We had a DZ at Edgerton close to Wellsville. Early to mid 70's The Pittsburg State club had a DZ at Oswego, early 70's You missed a close one at Benton, thats were they filmed "The Gypsy Moths" Late 60's Woody Underwood ran one at Maize late 60's. Two at one time (Maize and Benton) in the Wichita area. There was one just north of Valley Center for a short while. There is a few more from the old guy. Dennis Anderson D-2759
  10. This one I have not seen. Where is that written? Dennis Anderson D-2759 master rigger
  11. Try this web site, they have a bunch of manuals. Dennis Anderson D-2759
  12. You don't need to buy another pilot chute. Take that one back to your rigger, have him turn it inside out and sew another line of stithes about 1 inch inside the stitch line that sews the top half of the pilot chute to the bottom half. Now your 32" pilot chute is a 30" It is an easy fix and if you don't like it you can undo it. Dennis D-2759
  13. Check the canopy comparison chart in the back of the Para Gear catalog. They show a volume of421 Cu. in. and an area of 212 sq.ft.
  14. I have 2 sets from Rigging Innovations. One old style, narrow toggles and one new style with wider toggles. They both work great. Dennis Anderson D-2759
  15. Beware of "demoing at boogies". If you are demoing a new canopy you should open a little higher than normal. With the number of jumps you have, I hope normal is still around 3.5 to 4 grand. At boogies there are more than one aircraft flying jumpers and they frown on jumpers opening high. Remember there are more aircraft about to rain down more jumpers on top of you. UNSAFE for both them and you. The best place to demo a canopy is at your home dropzone. More than likely there is only one aircraft flying at one time and they won't mind you going late and opening high. Most canopy manufacturers will send you a canopy to demo for not much more than postage both ways and you can keep the canopy and jump it all weekend. Do it the safe way, at home. Dennis D-2759