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  1. I've put 1100 on my original epicene in about 18mo with no noticeable difference in flight characteristics.
  2. [Disclaimer, I teach wingsuiting at Perris and LO there. We're pretty pro-squirrel around those parts, and I flew two prototypes of the ATC. Mine shows up later this week.] If you're asking if you should buy a freak or an ATC, buy an ATC. I get the appeal of flying freaks. I really do. It's a fucking incredible suit with an appalling amount of performance in a pretty manageable package. The issue is that it's a lot of performance in a pretty easy to fly package. I've seen a LOT of people upsize too quickly and end up either screaming through a group or have it step out on them and either have to panic pitch out of a spin or spun through like 5k of altitude. If your response to "How do you get out of a flatspin" is anything along the lines of cannonball / arch / close the wings, you're not ready for a freak. Personally, I've found it way more fun to fly a Swift 2 with freaks and outdrive people who don't know how to fly a suit and instead are just relying on surface area. With all that said, the ATC dives faster than a Freak, and flares nearly as well. Apply a little brakes and you'll be cruising with students without much work. I have no issues in an ATC flying with a Freak flock unless it's super slow, in which case I'll sink out. But hey, i'm just a guy on the internet.
  3. Add one to the list. Asking about my wingsuit Looks like he's just going through random number strings. Username larry07 Email [email protected]
  4. Bumping this back to life. What data readers does everyone use? I'm on a mac.
  5. Watched that on the plane to my FJC. Great talk that definitely slowed me down a bit. +1 to this recommendation.
  6. Man I wish this forum had stronger moderators. Can you two comparing the size of each other's dicks and lets get back to a technical analysis here? So, is there something to be learned? It seems like these two were both diving to catch a group / another jumper, and both had nothing out. Is this an issue on training? IIRC all recently injured / deceased parties were experienced jumpers with other experienced jumpers. Is there a world in which AAD manufacturers begin offering a wingsuit-specific setting? What can be learned from these two tragedies that can prevent further ones?
  7. Does anyone have feedback / reviews of buying from Been going back / forth with Thiago and he seems rad. Just wanted to do a little due diligence if possible.