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    Mirage G4 M5 $1800 Freefly friendly. DOM NOV 2015 ~300 jumps Never wet/abused. Great 1st rig. Fits a LPV 210 down to a 170. I jumped a 150 in it without issues, but that is below the recommendations. Articulated, padded legstraps, hook knife, RSL. All the goodies. Made for a 6’3” 180# person, but the stabilizers had some wiggle for a bigger person. Size: 17 / 19 / STD Pilot chute w/ freefly puck & tab. 2 pea sized holes in mesh (see photos) All the normal risers/bags/etc. Details on request. Master rigger inspected. Chest strap and leg straps replaced this year due to minor wear. BOC starting to show wear, but still nice and tight Will ship to rigger of your choice in the US for inspection/escrow. Outside the US up for negotiation. Last post had notification issues, but fixed so I will see them this time.


  2. I'd heard mixed things about Pacific, but ended up with a great experience. They are admittedly tandem focused, but I got 3 jumps in, and could have made 4 or 5 if I had packed a bit faster and stayed a bit later. I don't know what the norm is, but we even got a full funjumper load up. Get there early - before sunrise early. Good people, relaxed vibe. It's a bit of a drive, but the scenery is great. Facilities are decent, though packing mats were a bit damp, particularly early in the day.