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  1. Agreed. Nor the person who was responsible for doing something about him, and did nothing. That's two out, in my mind.
  2. Have you tried the coloring program? Asked for fabric swatches?
  3. What if you sit down in that seat you wanted, only to have a 300-lb fat chick with a jumbo popcorn and a wheezing cough sit down next to you?
  4. They've watched Fozzy Bear, Yogi Bear, Gentle Ben, Winnie-the-pooh and Smokey Bear all their life. Those bears are all friendly.
  5. Victims of some crimes get compensated for their expenses. Someone who is attacked and successfully defends himself, is also a victim. Why should he have to pay for his defense, when it was the criminal perpetrator that initiated the attack? The intended victim didn't want to have to shoot to save his life. The criminal forced him to take that action. Make the perpetrator's estate pay for it.
  6. The NRA has several different organizations. One is a "foundation" which is non-profit and is devoted to charity. Another is the membership organization, which is for profit. Yet another is the political organization, which operates under different rules. These things move in cycles: Public shooting occurs. Politicians call for more gun control. Citizens fear gun restrictions and go buy guns now fearing they won't be able to later. Gun makers profit. Citizens join the NRA to fight against the gun restrictions so they can keep their guns. The NRA profits. If the politicians would focus on the real problem, instead of threatening to take guns from law-abiding citizens, the gun-buying and NRA-joining cycles would stop.
  7. So, I'm wondering about voting strategy... I don't vote for people I don't know personally, because I don't want to find out later that it was a mistake. I stick with what I know. That leaves me with 5 directors for whom I'll vote, out of 8 that I'm allowed. Then there are two candidates whom I do NOT want to see elected. So, what's the best way to help ensure that my two undesirables do NOT get elected? Should I just stick with the five I know? Or should I go ahead and vote for another three to get to my maximum of eight? Would picking a full eight, excluding my undesirables, help to defeat the undesirables? Just wondering...
  8. Some of the high-rise office buildings I've worked in, once you're in the stairwells, there are only certain floors where you're allowed to re-enter the offices. For security reasons, they say. It's annoying as hell. You think you'll make a quick dash down one floor to see a co-worker, only to find locked doors, and have to go down 4 more floors before you can get back in, and then ride the elevator back up to the floor you need. Grrr...
  9. And the small popcorn is now up to $6. Add a $5 small drink, and that's more than the cost of the movie ticket... They are working towards driving away their customers.
  10. Bzzzt. Incorrect. Definition of THEATER a : an outdoor structure for dramatic performances or spectacles in ancient Greece and Rome b : a building or area for dramatic performances c : a building or area for showing motion pictures
  11. I thought cavitation was something that happened in water with air bubbles being created by spinning propellers... What kind of bubbles would you get with an airplane moving through air? Are we talking about something like a skydiver's burble here - bubbles of low pressure air?
  12. There is a new trend happening in new fancy-schmancy movie theaters. When you purchase your ticket, you are displayed an image of the theater seating that is still available on a computer screen, and you pick the seat you want. This is mandatory. I don't like this method. The seat I want in a theater is a very dynamic thing. It depends upon how big the screen is, how many rows of seats there are, the uphill angle of the rows of seats, and so on. I also choose seats to avoid having someone in front of me if possible, so my long legs don't bump the back of their seat and disturb them. I don't sit near kids that might be whiney. I don't sit near teeny-boppers tapping on cell phones. I don't sit near anyone coughing. I don't sit near people eating a jumbo popcorn, nachos, hot dog and a 104 ounce slurpee. I don't sit on side aisles where people will be walking up and down in front of my line of view. All of that is a very dynamic thing. You walk in, look around, survey the field of possibilities taking all those factors into account, and choose your seat. And that best-case seat could be just about anywhere. But with this pre-assigned seating, you don't get to make any of those snap judgments. You pick a chair on a computer screen, and you're stuck with whatever happens to be around you, like it or not. Bah Humbug!
  13. And now the airport noise issue is happening in Chicago (non-skydiving related): And I gotta admit, since these homeowners were there before the new runway was added, I actually kind of agree with them.
  14. Whether or not you have to pay it is up to a judge. But if the fine is $135,000 for a trivial offense, then you should stand on principal and challenge it, even if you're a billionaire.
  15. If you stand on your principles, you don't give in and pay unjust penalties, just because you have the money to do so. You refuse to pay, because of the principal involved. Since the gay couple could have easily just gone to another baker to satisfy their needs, they suffered no real damages other than just emotional hurt, and the award of $135,000 is ridiculous. Should we sue and bankrupt everyone who insults us? I think not. Shrug it off, and move on.