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  1. Thanks to all for the thoughtfull replies so far ... I look forward to more.
  2. The recent discussions related to the Argus lead to an obvious question that I haven't seen asked or answered: Are there any compelling reasons for a rig designer to not put the cutter under the free-bag? Perhaps one of the rig designers to known to read this forum could comment.
  3. Put it in a ponnytail. Use several elastics spaced about four inches part. Mines about twenty inches long, so five elastics is about right. Put it up in your helmet if you can ... I really hate the thought of it being snagged on the RSL shackle on a cutaway.
  5. Can someone who's been to this boogie before comment on whether it's worth the trip. How many people go? What's the organized RW scene like? Any special events? Herb
  6. Rob, can you elaborate on your observation about the Bullets? I don't have one in front of me but, as I recall it, one end of the RSL is attached to a single riser and the other end is a two pin "Y". Also, are you saying that risks related to cross-connector RSLs are the primary basis for the recommendations to disconnect RSLs before cutting away the main for a "solo down plane"?
  7. Consider hiring Guy Wright [] for some coaching. Since he's organizing the Canadian record attempt, he would likely give you a candid assessment of your readiness, and some good advice on how to develop the skills you need to reach your goal.
  8. Thanks everyone for the recommendations. I've decided to try the Best Western. The Quality Inn didn't have a room for the dates I wanted. I tried to get a room at the Crystal Springs. The first time I talked to them they said they had a room for the dates I needed, took my credit card number, and said they'd call me back in ten minutes with a confirmation number. After three more telephpone conversations they concluded that they didn't have a room for the dates I needed.
  9. Can anyone recomend any inexpensive (but clean) hotels in Zephyrhills?
  10. A lot of folks from Atlantic Canada are on the CSPA chat list. [email protected] Your profile says your home DZ is PST. Why would you want a drive from someone on the east coast?
  11. What's the best way to remove duct tape goo from a container?
  12. I'm posting this on behalf of a rigger who has been asked to install such a modification on a set of Vectors. Can anyone recommend a source of design / installation information for such a configuration? Regards, Herb Thompson