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  1. SO I have it for future reference, who was the company. Or how did you go about finding this?
  2. southpaw31

    Digital Altimeter

    I have a Viso II and an Alter. I have shelved the Viso and it is a backup. I don't need the digital logbook or a lot of the "features" they have. I accidentally set it into speed mode instead of altitude. Didn't realize this until on the flight up. For $100 less, you get just as good of alti with the Alter and easier to read in free fall as well.
  3. southpaw31

    AO(N²) Brilliant Pebbles audible

    Definitely makes me happy I got my order in over the weekend then! Super eager to get it and try it out!
  4. southpaw31

    Scrisc online gear store???

    I haven't bought anything from them as of yet. I have inquired about a few items and they are very responsive and helpful in answering said questions. I definitely recommend.
  5. southpaw31

    Ion Altimeter Opinions

    I too am/was interested in ION. Sadly, I can't get enough feedback to justify the cost savings atm.
  6. southpaw31

    Elemental Ion vs Solo II

    So I am looking at getting an audible altimeter and the Ion and Solo II compete price wise. I am leaning towards the Ion as it can be used for a main altimeter too should the need arise, plus jump logging and more alarms should the need arise. Or is there another audible altimeter that is worth the extra $$? I know the Ion is a new contender in the market, but from what I see that isn't an issue except for maybe(?) customer support.
  7. southpaw31

    Tracking Dives

    Appreciate the replies everyone! Sorry, the ambiguity there, but yes, tracking dives as a "plane formation" is what I was curious about. Facing each while moving away from the jump run. I understand 100% that safety is huge with the added complexity of this and was just curious where to begin and how.
  8. southpaw31

    Tracking Dives

    I am new to the sport (34 jumps), but was curious what it takes to get into the tracking discipline? Wasn't sure if that fell into freely or what to ask there, so mods feel free to move as desired. Just curious what I need to work on/towards to get into the discipline of the sport.