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  1. I have a number of disabilities that are worth thinking through if I want to vigorously and recreationally throw myself at the ground, and miss... ...but here's one disability I've never been able to work around. I'm a pituitary giant. I have Acromegaly, the same condition that made Andre a giant, although I ended up being on the small end of giant and on the giant end of normal. I'm 6'6". My lean body mass weighs 275 pounds, and my raw bodyweight roams between 355 and 385, so I need to find a jump zone with a really huge canopy for a tandem jump with my giant ass and a quasi-normal instructor, or a jump zone that will let me jump from a static line. I am prepared to greet everyone based solely on their accomplishments and character, so if you write back and tell me that you know an instructor who's also the stunt double for Peter Dinklage, I'd love to meet that guy. He sounds like a bad ass, and maybe he can help me with my math problem. I've been dying to jump since I was a teenager thirty years ago, so if you know anyone who can help me hook that up, please! Let me know if there's a big and tall version of the sport available anywhere in North America, because I'm in! And if there isn't, what would need to happen for that to change? All the best, George Oldroyd [email protected]