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  1. This was a gut punch for sure!! She was an angel of a soul! She was christened Mariposa Rodriguez by myself and Boboso Rodriguez. She busted her A$$ to get her Ph.D., so she could always provide for her family, and make a better impact on the world, and a bug’s life! She was a great, warm, funny person, who would have slain dragons for her kids!! They are in my thoughts. She loved of my favorite memories is of her and her kiddos wading around the pond at the Farm scoping for bugs!! She will be dearly missed, and always loved!. Blue skies, my Mariposa! Blue skies for BlueSkySerenity, always and forever!
  2. Hippie story involved the weekend that he and Kitty were going to jump 30 jumps for their 30th birthday. They were both charging hard at their goal, and it was well into the day when Trey approached him and handed him a handful of tablets. Trey said, "here, take these." Without a second thought, Hippie grabbed them and downed them. "What were they?" he asked. "X", Trey said. The look on Hippie's face was priceless...he had a combination of "are you freakin' kidding me" and "this is going to be interesting"!! It was awesome!!! (by the way - they were salt tablets to prevent cramping). About two loads later he had a malfunction and borrowed my canopy...which he never let me forget for packing him line twists!! I have many Hippie stories of similar humerous & fond memories...he will be missed. I haven't seen him in over a year, but it was so good to see him, and he was always so genuine. The smile you see in all his photos is implanted in my mind when I think of him. My heart goes out to Lisa, and all that she will have to endure in this wake. BSBD Hippie... Kahurangi e Mahearangi, Kiwi, RB #926, AFF-I, FAA Snr. Rigger, RN/BSN/Paramedic
  3. I will never forget watching Team Mandrin in the tunnel when I shared some of their time. There was such skill, such drive, and it all seemed effortless. Dave Brown could fly with the very best of them, and possibly out fly many of those! Very sad indeed, but to echo SM1...I'm glad for his family's sake they have closure. BSBD db! Kahurangi e Mahearangi, Kiwi, RB #926, AFF-I, FAA Snr. Rigger, RN/BSN/Paramedic
  4. All I keep hearing in my head is "ding,dong the [freak] is dead!!!" oddly enough-sung by munchkins!!!lol my apologies to those who loved & mourn him or thought he added something to the world, but he only left a tainted, deranged memory of a circus clown to me. Sad waste of talent! Kahurangi e Mahearangi, Kiwi, RB #926, AFF-I, FAA Snr. Rigger, RN/BSN/Paramedic
  5. Thank you all very much - that was most unexpected!!! I had a great celebration the day before my b-day w/ family as I worked on my actual day...then I spent the next day skydiving all day. Couldn't have been better. I hope you all continue to have a great May and look forward to a wonderful summer season. Be safe...cuz I'm medically trained - but OFF DUTY on the DZ!!!! Kahurangi e Mahearangi, Kiwi, RB #926, AFF-I, FAA Snr. Rigger, RN/BSN/Paramedic
  6. Thank you all!! Yes, I have passed both my written & practical tests for's been a long, intense, sleep-deprived year to say the least. Now I'm just waiting on my numbers to clear thru state & I'll be street legal. Last Saturday was my official celebration and I understand I got pretty unruly, but was still not quite 'beligerent'! Three technicolor releases and a day of pain and I was good by Monday. Last night a couple more of us and my family all went out to celebrate...again, more fun and another hangover!! You're right Robbie...I have access to the narc cabinet now...and that means all sorts of opiates & benzo's!! Nothing like a 5 & 5 cocktail to keep you going!!!LOL Anyway - I want to send a formal Thanks!! for all who have endured my miseries over the last year and given their quiet let's just hope there is nothing for me to fix on any of you in the near or distant future!! Thank you again, very much, for posting this Tanya!! Kahurangi e Mahearangi, Kiwi, RB #926, AFF-I, FAA Snr. Rigger, RN/BSN/Paramedic
  7. I have seen it now...and it's BUFFALO KNUCKLE for GUYS!!!! LOL!!! Kahurangi e Mahearangi, Kiwi, RB #926, AFF-I, FAA Snr. Rigger, RN/BSN/Paramedic
  8. this year is going to suck!!!! Kahurangi e Mahearangi, Kiwi, RB #926, AFF-I, FAA Snr. Rigger, RN/BSN/Paramedic
  9. Chuckie was right, the turn out was awesome...Beezy would have loved it. All day long skydivers took to the skies w/ smiles and laughter and all the typical happenings of the day. The dirt dive was planned on the was to be a 16-way built on two tandems: Hans Paulsen took Beezy's daughter Sunny & Charlie Mullins took Bryan (Beezy) Jr...the rest built a BFR to link the two. Bill Scott & Chuck Blue shared duties of opening the ashes at 8,000. All 16 got in, but the round never didn't matter. Those on the ground said that sky had a perfect blend of oranges & golds - and when the ashes were released they seemed to 'light up' in the sky. To me, that's just perfect - Beezy is now above us, his spirit glowing in the sky, sharing every future skydive with us all. A wonderful video was quickly put together to commemorate the event by Big Steve Haseman - Great Job bro, seriously. It was perfect - tears & laughter could be heard throughout the crowd during the whole thing; finishing w/ a huge applause. Story telling started w/ a beautiful eulogy by Tracy, and quickly followed w/ some jaw wagging by his good friends. It is clearly obvious to all of us, Beezy was a GREAT man and will be dearly missed. I had to leave Sat night, but the happenings were still well into happening. Sorry I couldn't get tore up w/ the rest of y'all, but I did have one drink from a coffee cup...just as Beezy would have! Kahurangi e Mahearangi, Kiwi, RB #926, AFF-I, FAA Snr. Rigger, RN/BSN/Paramedic
  10. I just heard the Wgt was'd expect anything less from the Chinaman?? Mother and baby, at last word, were doing just fine!! Congrats to them both!! Kahurangi e Mahearangi, Kiwi, RB #926, AFF-I, FAA Snr. Rigger, RN/BSN/Paramedic
  11. Just wanted to add this at the end, but I'd like to personally thank everyone for coming out this weekend and supporting the NEW & IMPROVED Skydive the Farm!! Special THANKS go to the following: Michele & Dave - for arranging to pick up the kegs and enduring the hassles involved, the beer was a smashing success...I think we returned a quarter of the Miller Lite and that was all!! Mike to the G - for keeping us all alive!! Laura & Monica - for the t-shirt idea & making it happen...we nearly sold out of all the white & black long sleeved! Nikki - for keeping the video guys flying Shananay - for getting us on the loads All the packers - for their relentless efforts Dave, our new pilot - you rawk bro!! Mark Carinas - for building Greg's big deck! Greg - for all the improvements, the efforts, the ideas, and the great personality you bring to the Farm...thanks for letting us take over your little piece of heaven And finally Hans...your work does not go un-noticed!! It's all coming together...I wish nothing but the best for your 'little' dropzone!! Also - thanks for all the local jumpers who came back out of the woodwork...don't forget - we're an Otter DZ keep the love flowing! A quick, but sincere THANKS for all those who help make my 1000th jump & celebration a very memorable one!! See you next 1000!! BTW...who did end up winning that REDSKINS game, Lee??!!!! Kahurangi e Mahearangi, Kiwi, RB #926, AFF-I, FAA Snr. Rigger, RN/BSN/Paramedic
  12. It figures - you're never going to make EVERYONE happy!!!!heehee We offer 3 kegs - someone is bound to ask "what kind of beer?" We ask for help in getting them to the Farm and 'surely you can find it closer'? is brought up...I GUARANTEE we could find it closer - BUT The kegs were ordered through a personal contact that owns a liquor store and is freely donating HEAPS of stuff for the event & organizing this to be a 'one stop shop' for us...we just need help getting it to the Farm. So, if there are any willing participants...we could use the help. If someone is willing to lend their truck - I will make the drive myself - but it won't be until later Fri afternoon. Next thing we know...Greg/Hans will say "Free Skydives to 10K" and someone will say "is that all!??" C'mon Hans...whaddya say?? [edited to add: this was entirely meant to be silly/funny/witty/amusing...not slamming anyone about anything in particular. there's already enough misguided drama on here - wasn't trying to create anymore] Kahurangi e Mahearangi, Kiwi, RB #926, AFF-I, FAA Snr. Rigger, RN/BSN/Paramedic
  13. ok...arrangements have been finalized!!! a total of 3 kegs(!) will be appearing, shots, NEW t-shirts, poker, an OTTER, & LOTS OF FUN!!! Man - if you miss this boogie and you're anywhere NEAR Georgia - YOU SUCK!!!! Kahurangi e Mahearangi, Kiwi, RB #926, AFF-I, FAA Snr. Rigger, RN/BSN/Paramedic
  14. I just got shift coverage for I will be there the WHOLE weekend!!!(I can hear the boo's from here!) This will also be my "K" (1000th jump) I will be arranging a "K" way...and sponsoring all sorts of K-stuff!!! One 'K'eg of (either) Amber Bock or Miller Lite is already arranged...waiting to see what is available. 'K'ool-Aid shots will be handed out...along w/ B'K' (burger king) crowns!!! ...and 'K'aha will be kept off the carpet!! Kahurangi e Mahearangi, Kiwi, RB #926, AFF-I, FAA Snr. Rigger, RN/BSN/Paramedic
  15. Very interesting point...and interesting place to make it... last time I heard anything mentioned about it (beer in the fridge) had started a new 'program' and asked me to finish the beer because you weren't drinking it - you even said - 'get rid of it so I'm not tempted'. Then, if i recall correctly there was a gathering at the place that left an abundance of beer. So, going off what I last 'heard' - I thought by drinking it I was still helping. Here's where I guess the miscommunication happened: a) if you bought all that beer for 'guests' and I depleted it without re-stocking - then I apologize for that - I hadn't realised the 'beer rules' changed. b) if I 'owe' beer - please tell me (you can even PM me, text me email me)...I'll buy a case next time I'm in the store. I haven't bought groceries in 3 weeks, and I'm almost never home - so reminders are appreciated. There's a 12pack in there now - feel free to drink it all. I hope this will ease the blow. You're welcome to my bottle of wine as well. c)I didn't realize that names were now being thrown out on a public forum to discuss things that take place in my own Kristi - when you have a problem with your roommate's actions - please address him directly. It's very embarrassing to be told WEEKS later by people you spend occasional time with that your own roommate has problems with you d)also, I'll be sure to get some extra beers for your 'guests' next time I'm out...that will probably fall when I'm not working 24hour shifts, going to paramedic school full-time, skydiving on the weekends as a job, and trying to sleep in there somewhere. I only ask, kindly, that you remind your 'guests' that the room next to your sleep deprived roommate is not a by-the-hour hotel room. I hope this hasn't been read in anger or defense, Kristi...I guess I'm hurt that we haven't been talking lately...AT ALL...and then I find out my so-called 'dirty laundry' is being aired in the open. And to anyone else reading this...MYOFB!!!! Kahurangi e Mahearangi, Kiwi, RB #926, AFF-I, FAA Snr. Rigger, RN/BSN/Paramedic