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  1. Skydive Shenandoah is a gorgeous place to jump, set in the valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Spacious landing area. Staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and everyone is very welcoming. Jumpers and staff all look out for each other, making it feel like a family. Large hangar to pack in with spots to sit and relax. Overall a great place to jump!
  2. I was unable to complete AFF in NJ this season due to flight restrictions at the DZ but I'll be going to Blue Ridge Skydiving Adventures in New Market, VA to jump over the winter. They operate year round with a short break around Christmas. I did my first tandem there and let me tell you, amazing people! I highly recommend you check them out for some winter jumps!
  3. I'll hopefully be licensed by then and will see you there (it's basically a stones throw away from me)!
  4. No recommendations since I'm a few hours away but welcome! I recently picked where I was going to complete my AFF... Use the Dropzone locator then call to be sure they do AFF. If you can, take the day and hang out at the DZ, meet some people, and go from there! Best of luck
  5. I hope to get some tunnel time one day. When in a students progression do you recommend tunnel? Or should I wait until after I get my A license? Fingers crossed that the rumors of getting on at King of Prussia, PA are true; that's only 1.5 hours from me! I'm not sure the flight school would agree with that but sounds like a great idea to me! Two birds, one stone - right?
  6. Thanks for the info, Tom. My tandem was fun (of course) although I was expecting a training tandem - which is what I did in Virginia last week. However, they wanted to me to do a fun tandem since that's "the course plan they have set up for me". There is another DZ about 75 minutes drive time from my house. I'm tempted to give them a try, although continuing tandems at random locations is going to drain my bank account before AFF even starts! Unfortunately, flying isn't an option yet since I am still a student pilot. Plus a plane rental and fuel once I have my license adds up quickly - especially on top of AFF. I'm hoping one of the closer locations works out! I also plan on doing some of my AFF jumps in Virginia where I did my first tandem since everyone there was amazing, so I'm glad I didn't buy any package. Thanks again
  7. I'm wondering if I made a mistake in the school I picked... The first impression hasn't been great. The hangar is across the active so when you park, you call and they come to get you. According to their website, they also check for jumpers approximately every five minutes. I - as well as another person here for a tandem - have been waiting in the parking lot for 55 minutes. I understand patience is needed but this is getting a little ridiculous. I'm going to be paying them $2,600.00+, is this how it will be every time? Today is tandem one of the three they require... It's not too late to switch if I have to. Thoughts?
  8. Thanks! I'll try to stay inside while PIC! I hope so! The toughest part so far is explaining to people why I'd rather jump than be in the plane... I keep telling them they have to experience it to understand
  9. I'm paying per jump. The price difference was minimal and if I'm not happy with the school for some reason, it'll be easier to switch.
  10. I've been interested in aviation my whole life. Growing up, my father flew hot air balloons and my summers would be spent at airports for festivals. Fast forward twenty years later and I find myself taking flight lessons. I found airplanes to be much more thrilling than the balloon but as fun as the plane is, I had always wanted to skydive and this just fueled my want. After meeting a skydiver a year ago who promised to take me on my first tandem, I waited and waited. Insert side eye here. Last weekend I decided to stop waiting on others and found a DZ with a gorgeous view (is there such a thing as a non-gorgeous view when that high up? I didn't think so). To say it was life changing would be an understatement. I thought I would be nervous but it felt so natural. I had a feeling beforehand this was something I'd want to continue and I couldn't have been more correct. I start the AFF program through my local DZ this upcoming Tuesday!