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  1. I don't actually want to do it nor do I think I should, but it's just a matter of cross-referencing posts and just filling out the form because that info is already available on the incidence forum. I just want the info to be there in an easy to search, quantifiable format. My main question was why do the updates stop at a year and a half ago...?
  2. Hi, I was wondering why the fatality logs haven't been updated since mid-2014. These logs are a valuable resource as they give important stats and can also be used for learning. USPA as well as skydivefatalities have not updated their site in a while. As a new student, I'm curious to know why. If it is a case of nobody manning the job, I wouldn't mind doing it, but given that I'm new, I thought I'd ask to know what's going on first. On a side note- Many reports that are already logged are miscategorized as well- what's the procedure for maintenance and corrections? Thanks!