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    Quantum Leap 4 Way Team 2004

  2. NoShitThereIWas

    Brady Kane

    Damn, I hate reading this for so many reasons... I didn't even know Brady but Nick is a good friend and he has now lost both of his dear teammates Emily and Brady. Geez, I guess it is all part of what they do but nonetheless, devastating to read and hear about. Brady was obviously a very talented wingman underneath his canopy. I have watched and seen the photographs and video. For once, I am really starting to worry about my friend Nick. Don't know what else to say except for Blue Skies to Brady, his dear friends and family and to Nick: You are in our thoughts.
  3. NoShitThereIWas

    I Miss You Erin

    LT: Got your PM. What up dude? Sorry to hear about your pain, that sucks. Did I know Erin? Got any pics?
  4. NoShitThereIWas

    Digitude Altimeter - Standard

    I love my Digitude. I never have to look at my altimeter for more than a split second to know exactly where I am at. I have never had a problem with its accuracy (unless of course you go above 19K or something). I would never have an analog altimeter again. Too bulky, heavy, annoying to wear. The only problem I have with my Digitude is that the little screws sometimes loosen and come undone. I tried putting some clear nailpolish on the screws when tightened and it seems to help a little. Other than that, an excellent altimeter.