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  1. brunner

    DZ Chaika Ukraine

    We were there for two days beginning of July. The weather was rough but we still got 7 jumps in and had a great time. All the people are friendly and welcoming. There are lots of fun jumpers and great coaches ready to jump with you. On a good day you can get more than 8 jumps in, especially as soon as the AN-28 is up and running again. We'll go back anytime!
  2. brunner

    Skydive Miami

    We were there last weekend for the second time and had a great time. My girlfriend was two jumps short on getting her A-Licence and has never jumped there before. The administration and the instructors were uncomplicated and straight forward and she was able to finish in one morning. Great fun jumpers always around for different disciplines. We will always come back to this dropzone.
  3. We rented a motor bike in Amsterdam to go there and didn't bring own gear. It was very easy to rent any size of wing at the local gear store. Uncomplicated and fast. My girlfriend made a tandem and the instructor let me jump together with them, which was pretty cool. Sometimes we were on short weather holds because of clouds but as soon as it started turning again the two caravans got a lot of people up in short time. Over all it was a great experience and we will go again, any time we will be staying in Amsterdam!
  4. Great facilities even though it is only improvisation until the construction is done (looks like until end of 2016 it will be done). Great instructors and many coaches as they have all the different teams there. The aircraft fleet is a perfect combination as they have a porter in order to start flying with only a few jumpers but bring out the Otter or even the Beech 99 once there are a lot of jumpers and tandems. The ocean view and the view over the nice town of Empuriabrava is THE best I have had so far and I have been to Sebastian and other nice places. Once the winds pick up, you still have the tunnel right around the corner, a beach to kite surf or hang out or many bars and clubs to finish off the day. One of the best places ever!
  5. brunner

    Skydive Athens

    great facilies with a typical greek grill in the little restaurant, nice packing area and great landing area. They have a Caravan now not the Pak anymore. The people are friendly, easy registration, friendly manifest and so on. The organization is not so good yet. Even with many jumpers waiting and next 3 loads completly booked out, it takes around 1 hour per load because the plane stands still after every load. That means it can happen that you only get to jump 4 times even on a beautiful Saturday. I'm sure that this will improve and I will still go back just because Athens is awesome and we had a great time there and met a lot of cool people.
  6. The DZ is open all year even during hard Swiss winter. Off season only on weekends but still impressive. They fly whenever there is jumpers and as they have porters they only need about 6 to go. On a nice day you can make 8 jumps or more and even on a slow week day 6 jumps are possible if the weather allows it. Very uncomplicated registration and manifesting. Great people in general. If you know how to behave, you can do anything. One thing to mention is, they do not offer packing. As there are many army skydivers there, the rules are very clear: Every jumper packs his own rig. To sumarize it: it is until today my favorite drop zone
  7. I live in Minsk as expat and the drop zone is a very good option after work or on weekends. Usually there are only the gouvernmental subsidised precision jumpers there and I am the only fun jumper. When I'm lucky there is a tandem so that the AN-2 does the extra 20 minutes to reach 8'000 ft but that is where it ends. In 99% of the cases I jump alone and focus on canopy flying. The people are cool but they have to follow the obligatory proceedures which are very complicated. E.g. every morning before jumping you go through medical inspection by the local doctor. After all, I'm still glad the drop zone exists and it is still a good place for a few jumps every once in a while.
  8. brunner

    Skydive Spain

    On regular weekdays it takes usually the first 90 minutes of sitting around in the morning until they have enough people to fill first load. The G-92s do not go up if they have more than 4 slots open. I have spend there more then 10 days by now and it is the same thing everyday, so you never know, when it will really start. Once it runs, it does run well and despite the waiting time in the morning it is possible to do 10 jumps. Sometimes they have jump limits of 50 or 100 because of the winds, then the pace slows down a little. Manifest is tipically arrogant and in my opinion the worst about this place. You allways have to wait and they make you feel like you have to beg for manifesting onto a load, or finding a coach or anything. Because of the many different regulations (USPA, BPA, etc) it is not clear for them what is allowed and what not. E.g. if you want to do a 4 - way freefly under BPA you need FF1 qualification but under USPA you can do it anytime even with A-License. At Skydive Spain it is up to the manifest to decide wether you are allowed to do a freefly or not, regardless of where you have got your license and how much experience you might have. They do this with absolute no system and constently get people angry. Same with some of the coaches. Very good and not expensive food at the restaurant / bar, great landing area, fast rigging if required. Other than the friendliness and manifest, this is really a great place to jump.