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  1. There's something like it in New Hampshire, but pricey. I'm writing grants now for spring and hoping to add something like this. Also, can't hurt to try it myself as I want to jump solo! Thank you!
  2. Thank you! Greatly appreciated. You're right in the motivation piece, especially for grades 7/8. I try to show them great things they can do IF ONLY they finish high school and go a bit beyond.
  3. Hi all, Am new to skydiving with three tandems in the Northeast (SkyDive NE and Pepperell). Would love to add the parachute as a lesson on simple machines in my 8th grade classroom. Before I "reinvent the wheel", are there any good, existing plans someone can send? The goal is for my students to create a working model by the unit end. On a personal note, I've been so impressed with the enthusiasm and genuine care that tandem instructors show. Based on their attitudes toward the sport, I hope to begin my A license next year down in Z-hills. Thanks in advance, Mary
  4. Second tandem in August '15, now planning to begin AFF in the late spring/early summer '16. Arrived for this jump at 7:30, jumped at 10 (fine since so many people were there for earlier jumps). TM was kind, professional, and made the jump fun. I chose no video for second jump as I wanted to enjoy the view. TM made this happen by gently gliding through the sky and pointing out the scenery. Hoping to jump in Tampa in spring and complete AFF to return to Skydive NE as a solo.