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  1. I was gutted when I heard about this. Since moving away from NorCal, its been years since we've jumped together Donny. However, I still remember all the good times we had. I was stoked to be on one of your first BASE jumps. We'll fly again thats for sure. Never stop smilin' bro. Condolences to Courtenay, Donny's family, and the entire NorCal skydiving community.
  2. Why am I not suprised this happened at that particular dropzone Just seeing how loose the harness was in the door scared me before they even jumped. I also found myself trying to tell them not to jump.
  3. Johan420, I am going through the exact same thing as you right now. All through my career of jumping I didnt have any major problems. Last year in KL I had a strike--no injuries. About a month ago I had a VERY low pull in Eskensdal and only had about 1 sec. canopy ride before crashing into the trees----no injuries. A few weeks ago, I had a 180 on the already dodgy Euromast tower in Rotterdam. Got hung up in the ropes used for rappeling and had to be rescused down----again no injuries. My luck bucket may be running out as well. Although it may not sound like it, I am normally a very conservitive jumper. I just made a few bad decisions that nearly cost me my life. With that said, I am taking an indefinite break from the sport until I "feel" it again. Since I am dealing with the same things you are, my best advise is to not push it too hard. Get your head straight then you will be back into your groove. You should know the old saying, "there are bold BASE jumpers and there are old BASE jumpers however, there are no old, bold BASE jumpers". Cheers my friend-
  4. Ahhh so someone else was following in my foot steps.............and hell NO Im not from Texas. Be careful people, those walls are nothing to fuck with. How did you like your air taxi ride??
  5. very well said, i second every fucking word you just wrote. and yeah it was a hell of a lot of fun except for those damm ropes and trees. by the way i will be in helsinki (sp) in 4 days and i am looking you up wheather you like it or not.
  6. I am flying out of Zurich this Sat. 16. It was the cheapest flight I could find therefore I have a 12 hour layover in Copehagen on my way to Stockholm. I would perfer to NOT stay in an airport for 12 hours. I would also like to say I am not jumping. I decided to completly fuck up my air break in a tree/rope landing in Rotterdam. I would love to meet up with some locals and have a beer (or 2), share some stories, and just hang out to relax. I can also work GC if you are planning any jumps. If you are busy and cannot make it, I would very much appreciate an email on some tips for where I should go and what to do. I arrive (or suppose to) at 7:20 pm on Sat. 16 and leave at 7:20 am on Sun. 17. Thanks all and I hope to hear for you.
  7. thanks very much, really appreciate it. play safe children.....................
  8. i came to europe to BASE jump but switzerland is so awsome i want to make a skydive. i need my uspa license to jump, so does anyone know if i can look it up online or call them when i am at the dz? how can i prove to the dz that i am uspa member? thanks all in advanced d
  9. dride

    Almost made the List

    Men in leather jackets were very nice people as were the heli rescue guys. The cops were so cool and asked if i could burn them a copy of the jump for them to keep in their "collection". Told them (in Norwegin) "es no problm". It's OK if they and my friends have a copy but I will NEVER put it on the internet.
  10. dride

    Almost made the List

    The intention of this post is for educational purposes. Kind of long----sorry. I had an extremely low pull on the Katthammaren Wall in Eikesdal on Saturday. I had about 1.5 sec canopy ride after looking at the video. I must have had the snow snakes and little trolls watching over me at that time. The reason I am still around is because of the steepness of the slope where I landed and a couple friendly trees. I opened so low and went crashing through the trees before I could even reach for the risers\toggles. Landed in an area where I had to be picked up by the heli rescue. Walked away with just a bruised tail bone and a scratch on my back. Plenty of reasons why it happened but the main one is misjudging my altitude. The steepness of the talus is very deceiving and hard to judge (for me anyway) how high you really are. Not trying to make excuses just giving my opinion. I'm telling this story because I want to make a point. The walls in Romsdalen\Eikesdal are not for beginners. They are nothing like the walls of Kjerag. You should not come here thinking these are "just some more big cliffs". You really need to be on your tracking game here. Most Norgies can track like hell and make it look easy. If you don't have a lot of tracking experience, then this place is not for you. So with that said I just want people to know this before getting themselves into deep shit (like I did). To the Norwegian BASE community, especially the ones who frequent this area, I am very sorry for making a big scene. I know I am not the first person to need a heli rescue in this area but I still feel bad for bringing attention to the site. That is the last thing I would want. Oh yeah one last thing, if you do end up jumping here, watch out for Trolls putting large rocks in your stash bag while you are not looking!!! Play safe children...................
  11. To the Swedish Crew for a great jump and a great time. The Sweden part of my trip is almost over but the memories of that day will last forever. Continue to go hard and live life to the fullest. See you again on an exit point somewhere, sometime. Play safe-
  12. Quote: "why is it i never hear about 90 right's there?? it's either 90 left's of 180's and then of course for some reason the 180 turns into "attack of the poison oak". airdog had a fun time with that shit. maybe he'll chime in???" Of the 73 FF's (no static lines or PCA's so cant speak on that topic) I have from that object, I have had 6 90 rights, 4 90 lefts, multiple sub 90 right/lefts, and 0 180's. I will only use a 46/48 and I have never made a BASE jump with a non-vented canopy (it has to do with what I saw as a student--fuckin nasty). I dont know about all the technical stuff ya'll talk about, but Hookitt is right, off heading openings both s/u and s/d can give the impression of a "hard" (or harder) opening than you are used to. jtholmes is also right, stop thinking so goddamm much and just JUMP............just kidding folks, stay safe out there! Cheers-
  13. Although disappointing , this info helps. Thanks again
  14. Info? Went to the website but found only limited info. Is it invite only? Registration cost? For those who have been, was it worth it? I'm over in Europe for a few months from the states and would love to stop by, just need a bit more info. Maybe just not looking in the right place. Anything helps- Thanks
  15. So I think I've got Norway and Switzerland figured out. My problem is getting from Laturbrunan (sp) to Arco/Mt. Brento. Never done it--heading in totally blind. I'm traveling solo and don't think a rental car would be wise (for just myself). What's the best method of getting there? train? plane? other jumpers with car? Is anyone planning on being in Laturbrunan late May through mid June? Anyone with a car traveling to Mt. Brento sometime mid June? I would love some advise from some local Swiss and Italian jumpers (or anyone else whose gone that route). One last thing, I'm very flexible with plans in June, what's the jumping like in France? Any locals care to show an experienced jumper some exit pts.? Thanks in advanced ya'll. The world-wide BASE love is unsurpassed!!