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  1. 100 jumps and a year in the sport, with 50 on my own gear. Loved it and thought about it daily for the past year, but lately I've found myself not wanting to jump. I think part of my loss of passion is that I jumped a ton over the summer, partly that I've gotten busier with other hobbies, friends, work and view making the 2 hour drive to the DZ as a chore rather than fun, and partly struggling to find people to jump with and finding a way to make friends at the DZ. I only want to skydive as long as it makes me happy, and am thinking about taking a break if I don't want to jump. However, I worry about currency - would taking a few months off (or the winter, as it is fast approaching here in the north), be unsafe? I worry particularly about landing, as I've only just started to figure out how to land consistently (I fly a 150 at 1:1). Anyone else feel this way or take a break? Did you regret it? Is it unsafe to do so? Thanks in advance.
  2. General wisdom states that the reserve size should be the same as the main; but, PD Reserves aren't sized as mains are. Why are these reserves made in different sizes than PD mains? So if someone if jumping, for example, a 150 main, what would be considered the same as 150 (143 v. 160)? Is this intended to encourage the purchase of a slightly larger reserve? If so, why are container reserve trays generally smaller than the main trays? I'm not searching for "what reserve to get" advice, simply curious. I've searched all over and have yet to find a clear answer to this (perhaps there isn't one), so I apologize if this has been asked before.