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  1. The video of the team you are talking about was made by you for the team to share with everybody. It's been uploaded to many different sites over the net and is available for everybody. Birdman or I have not sold, redistributed or handed out ANY video in ANY format that you are talking about. We have given an interview for the magazine and made a deal about pictures, NOT about this or any other video or video footage, not yours or Marks or anybody's. Your claim that we sold / handed out / redistributed your footage is completely false. Just a thought. Imagine, there was a time when all skydivers were happy to get such a good publicity for the sport. Now we got an individual who is trying to dismiss and deny it from his ex-team and fellow skydivers, only because he edited the video for the team. So, my question is, even if our team video that you edited was shown and distributed by us (which it wasn't), what's the problem? I am personally sorry for the tone of this conversation here. I really hoped this could be a happy thing. I am not going to continue this discussion here in the forum. Blue ones, Jari http://www.bird-man.com/frontpage/
  2. I guess an old dog must learn some new tricks.. javascript:%20addTag(';)')
  3. I usually don't have any time to participate in discussion forums (which is probably one of the reason questions like these arise) but I got a hint from a friend and thought we need to give out a statement of some sort. I guess it's long overdue too. I started BIRDMAN almost ten years ago. Since then the company has introduced 14 different wingsuits, tracking pant, hybrid track suit and jeans (clothing collection). I obviously haven't made all that myself but I have had a lot's of people working for the company that made it all possible to happen. One of them was Robert and for him I am forever grateful, no matter what happened later, but past is past. Over the past few years we have been very much alive, growing and changing as we grow. Last year we entered a totally a new line of business with clothing line but we are still the same innovative, rebellious and adventurous skydiving company we have been. Last year (2008) we introduced two new wingsuits; an S8 and Tengu and a clothing line for skydivers. In a very small business environment that is quite enough. It has been my habit to introduce new suits in the beginning of every single year and that was the purpose for 2009 as well but something very unfortunate happened here that took 110% of my time over the past 4 months, so, I was not able to make new suits in time. My apologies for that. Gladly I am again getting some of my time back and also we are hiring new people that will make it possible for us to continue what we love to and have a passion to do which is to design and make new things for skydivers. Regarding our prices for the jeans I m sorry if they are too much for some but the price over here in Europe is normal medium / high end price for jeans that are made in a very small (and rare) quantities. Keep in mind that we are a very small design house and we do not have the capacity like Levi's and make 20000 pairs a day and pay 50 cents a pair, sold at your local Walmart. I can assure you that there will be new wingsuits, new cool clothes and other new products in the near future. I always thought it's neat to put your mind into new projects and make them happen, especially projects that others haven't made before. It's probably not an easy way to do things but it works when you are a bit hyperactive like me :-) Blue ones, Jari
  4. my friend, My deepest condolences to Taya, family, friends and all the flock. We have all lost dearly today and we will miss you. "Up here, above the fog, in the lonely dark emptiness, there is no Life and Death. There is infinity and a moment in between, when we fly so full of life and so close to death that they become one." -Richard Bach Jari
  5. jari

    My first dock

    So finally, after waiting for almost five years, it is ready. The video of my first (and second) dock on my "veli" (finnish language and means "brother" Vladi Pesa under a Velocity 84. This footage was shot using PAL and NTSC by Todd Sutherland, Jay Moledsky and myself. It was first MIA, then waiting to get to me from a secure place I almost could not get it for almost two years and finally edited by my other "veli" Petteri Evilampi who did a great job (with the video and party) doing the video from a bits and peaces of a quite bad and limited amount of footage we got. I apologitze for the date is actually three days off from the actual date but that will be corrected later. Enjoy! Jari http://www.bird-man.com/index.cgi?n=gallery&q=video
  6. Hi, just wanted to let you know we have a new blog at www.bird-man.com discussing and commenting everything between heaven and hell. http://www.bird-man.com/blog Blue ones from the paradize! Jari BIRDMAN, Inc./OY
  7. Hi all, seems like this needs some clarification. BIRDMAN Inc / OY WILL NOT be at PIA officially. BMCI Scott Campos will represent himself and BIRDMAN as a BMCI and he has been signed as a speaker. I am very happy to know that we have at least two BMCI's taking part at PIA, Scott and Chuck respectively and I am sure we'll have a BLADE there for a show as well. Have a blast and see you in Europe 2009! :-) Jari ceo BIRDMAN Inc / OY www.bird-man.com
  8. BIRDMAN has a new web site http://www.bird-man.com/ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! C'ya Jari BIRDMAN, Inc. OY
  9. My friend and mentor. I can not believe you just took off like that. You are missed and your legacy is thousands of new skydivers around the world who would not be jumping without you. Farewell Don-san, Jari "Up here, above the fog, in the lonely dark emptiness, there is no Life and Death. There is infinity and a moment in between, when we fly so full of life and so close to death that they become one. We are free, and everybody who has tasted this freedom is alive forever. " R.B. - Jonathan Livingston Seagull
  10. THANK YOU KIMI Birdbabe nr One (and for the call), Scott, Cloudi, Kevin, Kev, Tonto (happy happy birthday!!!!), Deuce, Vesa, Perry, Jarno, Tom, Katie, Arlo, Aubrey, Jasmin (and thanx for the call sweetie), Ed and everybody else who. I am sorry if I didn't answer the calls but I was very very high at the top of the world so the connection kind of sucked up there javascript:%20addTag('shocked') Being sixteen ROCKS!! Jari
  11. Hello Unclecharlie and everybody who cares javascript: addTag(';)') This "poll" and thread was just brought into my attention by a phone call from a friend and althought I very seldom write here I thought this is the time to clear up couple of things. I am kind of flattered to be in the same poll with Gerge W and Elvis but since this "poll" is clearly suggesting that I am this mysterious "spont" and whatever he or she writes you are then suggesting is my writing, I must dissapoint you and tell you I am not spont nor it is not my habit to write things and not take pride of what I wrote. If you got to know me in person I am sure you'd have to agree. i also would appreciate that before making such accusations public you would ask me first directly and then made your statements. You can reach me at +358503681338 or just email me at [email protected] I wish you a very nice night, I still have work to do. Cheers, Jari PS: I hope I will see many of you this weekend in Stockhom, the filmfestival is going to be avesome.
  12. Hi Steve, We were really hit hard so we have no power but we are all alive and swimming :-) I am still in Europe but I am now on line and catching up my mails now, you may also call me at +358 50 368 1338 We'll be back in businesss as soon as we get the power back and clean up the mess. Jari "Hey, don't be afraid, ever. Because, it's just a ride."
  13. jari

    Bali Boogie

    It's official darling. I will be organizing and showing tricks at SkySisters 2005. I needed that six years to recover from last time Can't wait! XXX Jari "Hey, don't be afraid, ever. Because, it's just a ride."
  14. That's right, I am in Sibson and we made an unofficial Uk girlie record. Congratulations and big thank you to Jude, Jo, Sara, Vicky, Winnie and Caroline! - Chicks Rock! See the attached picture and the formation Jari "Hey, don't be afraid, ever. Because, it's just a ride."
  15. jari

    Bali Boogie

    I want to come and play I want to come and play .... Jari "Hey, don't be afraid, ever. Because, it's just a ride."