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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone. Did a little more research. I've jumped 100lb rucks/loads but that was with a 370sqft canopy. I was looking for something that I could possibly jump with 20 pounds or so with. Looking like my best bet is to just do it with a larger canopy.
  2. Hey all, Several years ago, I remember seeing a rig for sale that allegedly had some kind of cargo compartment piggybacking on the inside of the rig. It was intended to be able to carry a small amount of supplies during a jump. I have done a few jumps in AZ and CA with my military gear bag laced between my leg straps similar to a ruck and have spent the night out in the sticks, so I am curious about this rig. At the time, I didn't think anything of it because I wasn't a licensed jumper. I might be totally confusing this with something else; does anyone know of a skydiving rig that double-functions with a compartment for cargo? I have been thinking about the engineering behind this and can't really decide if what I think I saw is feasible. I know this is a fringe post but it has been bothering me and I was wondering if any of ya'll have heard of anything like this. - M