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  1. That's what it seemed like for me, I was hyperventilating I'm sure but falling just seemed like air was rushing by so fast It was hard to breathe in
  2. My medical background was thoroughly checked to several specialists all within the last year, neurological tests and even an echocardiogram, I know I hyperventilate easily though, and my first tandem we went to 14,000 feet and had 50 seconds of free fall, which I understand is higher and longer fall than most jumps plus keep in mind it was my first time ever off the ground in any aircraft. But the instructor says he wants all of us to do one more tandem first anyway.
  3. People misunderstood. I have no medical conditions that would cause issues, I'm curious if people pass out from nerves with this or if that is a more unheard of thing
  4. If that's the attitude of your doc, you need to find a new one. A good doctor will do the research and give a useful opinion. Lying to your doctor is pretty dumb IMO. My doc is fine with it
  5. I worded that wrong, medically I'm completely healthy, trust me they were checking me out for issues that my father had involving muscles so I've seen a ton of specialists who checked me out top to bottom. While they weren't seeing if I was healthy enough to skydive I was checked thoroughly. What I mean is my anxiety is more of a whit coat syndrome, seeing doctors/specialists freaks me out, and I have hyperventilated in the past. But I'm healthy enough to do it, just to me it seemed like I was sucking through a straw with how fast your going through the air. Maybe it's normal and I'll get used to it, but my only fear was losing consciousness from lack of air or nerves (although after the first time I'm sure it's much easier now.
  6. I'm a 20 year old guy who went skydiving a year ago, I loved it (tandem) although I think I almost blacked out towards the end of the free fall. As we got higher in altitude, (we jumped at 14,000 ft highest jump our state offered) I got lightheaded and kinda dizzy and when we fell I couldn't breathe, felt like air was being sucked from my lungs and towards the end I felt numb. When the chute deployed it knocked wind outta me but when the instructor loosened the straps I felt better and all in all enjoyed the experience. I am signed up for AFF courses next year now and am curious if, given the lightheadedness and breathing deal, this is unsafe, or if breathing while in free fall normally is a bit more challenging. Something else to note is I do have anxiety, but it's more centered on medical things, I've never let it stop me doing things I truly enjoy and I do want to get licensed to skydive. So my biggest fear would be losing consciousness in the air, I'm not afraid to do the jumping itself. Of course it was my first time ever in a plane, or any aircraft, I still have yet to land in one, and I'm curious if, for someone who experienced these problems on my first tandem, it's safe to continue through AFF courses next spring (I'll probably do it anyway)