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  1. bryant.steven2

    Wings 8-3, Volt 150, PDR- 143 (No AAD)

    Time Left: 28 days and 19 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Designed for 5’11 @180 lbs. Wings 8-3 EXT (150-135 mains) (143-124 Reserve) Volt 150 (Purple/ Neon Green) PDR -143 (10 packs/ 3 rides) *Vigil NOT included I live in Tucson/Eloy if you wish to see it in person.


    Tucson, Arizona - US

  2. bryant.steven2

    Like new Pilot7 187 UltraLPV w/ ZLX lines

    Sent you an e-mail. Steven
  3. Time Left: 25 days and 23 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Price- $1000 Parachute Systems - Volt 150 DOM - 2015 Jumps - Less than 25 This was a stock canopy that I bought in 2017. Great canopy with a little character on the side (one of the ribs is neon green when it should have been purple). Don't hesitate to message me if you have any questions or need more information/pictures. This canopy is located in Tucson, AZ and can bring it down to Eloy if you needed. Low jump numbers? I got serious about skydiving for about 4 years and eventually downsized to this 150 sqft canopy. Soon after I bought it, I was not able to jump for a year because of work. This left my rig to become a closet queen and why it has the low jump numbers. Why am I selling it? Upsizing... The wing loading I would put on this canopy is a little too high for my current abilities. However, once this gets sold I will be upsizing and getting back in the sky. =] - Steven