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  1. Are you sure you would like to be caressed by a fine woman like this?
  2. He's going to Atlanta first the FL.
  3. Look out America he's on the prowl. Ohio will miss you. I wish you well with high regards. XOXO~Steph
  4. Srinard

    Base DVD's

    Thread the needle I and II are killer. PM SafetyNate and he'll hook you up. There have been other threads about this movie. Check 'em out.
  5. Thanks for the heads up I greatly appreciate it.
  6. Words to live by. It's hard to get past the petty stuff and keep focus of the bigger picture.
  7. This mix is hot! I'll be grooving to it all summer long.
  8. Hook a skydiving sister up! I want to get a Phamaceutical Sales Rep job . In fact, I have the precise job picked out and applied for with Novartis working in the Columbus, Ohio area. This job is perfect for me. I am asking for any leads for Novartis or any other similar company.... HR name at Novartis any openings new drugs coming to the market that might open up jobs phone number that isn't posted on the Web site SOMETHING~ANYTHING is greatly appreciated THis is the info on the job from their Web site: Job #: 5188BR Posting Title: Resp/Skin Sales Consultant - Columbus, OH - P3RJ2A Work Location: United States - Ohio Company/Legal Entity: USA Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, East Hanover, NJ
  9. Any teams going to Orlando need a spacer for their coached tunnel time? If so, let me know when (either by PM or a post reply). I would totally be down for chipping in on the total cost- more bang for your buck! Rock on~Steph
  10. I am interested in getting some tunnel time too. I just called SkyVenture and the lady about camps. She said there is none, and none are going on. Is there a secret code word?? Or does she have her head in the clouds?
  11. 80s sound great. I'm ready to shed these layers of clothes! So what is to be expected this weekend. May I have a sneak peek?
  12. Let the count down begin!!! I am so excited, I wish it was Friday
  13. Srinard


    Both a DZO and myself experienced helmet falling off after opening on more than one occasion. Luckily she caught hers and I did not. The helmet felt snug before leaving the plane as all straps were tightened. A hard opening caused a whiplash effect, resulting in the back of my head slipping out of the helmet. A year ago this happened and I was fortunate enough to catch it. This has happened to AerOhio DZO and USPA Midwest Representative, Sherry Butcher. Moreover, what if I had fallen and the helmet came off; how much protection could that really give someone? Mentioning protection, the helmet does not provide that much coverage of the cerebellum, mendulla and spinal cord- the lower back part of the head. This area of the brain controls vital life skills, motor skills and coordinationl.
  14. You should never add it up. The reality of how much one spends then becomes out of control. Get a job in the sport-make spending easier on your wallet.