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  1. You know.... If you go ahead and make up just ONE more screen name~ You'll have a 2:1 wingloading ratio with screen names to JUMPS! ...3 jumps~5 current screen names??? Things that make go HUMMMMMM!
  2. In Reply To -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In Reply To -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- quoted and sent to sangiro. we'll see what he has to say about you threatening me at my own DZ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You thought that was a threat?! BWAHAHAHA! Re-read it...all she was stating was that if you listen to things out in the real world like you do here, then you may not understand your instructors correctly and may never get off AFF until you get a few dozen jumps. In other words....Chill, Winston...you've already made enough threats yourself to get banned. The only reason you're still here is because HH hasn't shown up yet. So, keep digging your hole. I'll be over in another thread planning dinner with two lovely skydiving female friends that I've met because of this wonderful site. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- no greater threat than this was: "but mods beware. my father and brother are both agents for the government, my godfather a police officer retired. I've been surrounded by law enforcement my whole life, it's what I am. Patrol for trollers properly, because i WILL NOT tolerate anyone parading the death of 4 officers (or any death in the LE community) as something to be celebrated and will gladly take another banning to put any person that does in their place. (unless, of course, you intervene properly as you should, dictated by the forum rules). " but guess what? i was still banned for it.
  3. Thing is... Some of us: KNOW what happened. KNOW who is trying to cover their asses. KNOW who is lying. And it's not the RD.
  4. 3:1 1 static line student (hop n pop 4.5k) 2 tandems (skyrides 10.5k) the DZO stated I owed beer cause one of the tandems was a laywer. Do you owe beer for jumping a laywer? edited to add; I didn't know about the skyrides untill after. Then he stated I owed more beer for the first one of thoes.
  5. Nice save! Ya knew after you clicked on it, your future wife was on here also.
  6. yes, some US manufactures will take special orders for logos, wording, or other cosmetic designs.
  7. I'm glad you guy are having fun with this Poll! I feel like I should have included 70 + age. Sorry if I left you guy out, I know that SOS is a big foundation in our sport however I can not change the poll. Hay HH should you put an edit button on a poll? Peace and blue ones WB
  8. >>I think you were banned for an un-cool pole you started and several personal attacks.
  9. Attend the AIC course Attend a tandem Instructor course Attend advanced canopy course Attend rigger course get pro rating Purshase 3 tandem rigs purshase 3 student rigs work as T-I and rigger to pay off credit cards (see above) Attend second coach course (directorship) Attend second Staticline course (evaluatorship) Discuss with local FSDO about skydiving opperations File notam with FAA Purshase USPA group membership insurance Lease a hanger Lease a plane Install a whoffo or newbie in a puppet resigme as DZO Sweet talk a national director to aquire s&ta Sell home and all possesions (except gear) Move into hanger Aquire dealership from gear manufactures Aquire tandem I/E rating Bust 1000 jumps Attend AFF Instructor course Provide a safe and fun place to jump Hold massive boogies, with no registration fees Stay sober fun jump
  10. Back in this!.....been locked out for a while from this forum for comments I made to TK Hays in another thread. BY the way it is locked also. Somewhere, and I not going to bother looking it up to give you a page # it state the Instructor should never let the load path of the static line cross his body, arm, etc, and also for the students body parts. Everyone is asking about "backwards" and C-182 hanging strut exits........ So lets do this with a C-182.... Where I'm from the Student sits on the floor with his back/rig to the instrument panel. When the door is opened he turns to his left, and puts his feet on the step/hand on the strut. If for some reason the Instructor allows him to pop up turn around and exit over his right sholder the already hooked up S/L will be across his body/stomach. Then when he let go of the strut the deployment will follow the S/L across his body and the result is in the pictures. In other responses were talking about direct bag deployments. I have never conducted any but am opposed to them because Pilot chute assist results in slower, more on heading deployments than direct bag. Direct bag deployments usualy lead to line twist, and the worst pilot chute assist deployment usualy isn't as severe to the worst direct bag deployment by far! Also my school teaches the student not to grab the deploying pilotchute, with causes and results aftermath senerico's. There was a man go in a while back cause he grabbed his deploying pilot chute. He remained on his back till his FXC fired to which he grabbed that pilot chute also. Wasen't at my DZ, just a story, not sure it happened at! WB
  11. There is the best I can do with out turning it into a mini movie.
  12. : Okeedooke! to all Tandem Instructors you have read it here first ...... there is no need to completly hook up, or to suck up all the slack in the straps. A good deployment is garenteed by TK Hayes and Skymonkey one There it is, rip it up!!!!!