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  1. You work for the East Coast Freefly School and you're not load organizing? What gives?
  2. Showed up on a Saturday hoping to meet and jump with the local crowd only to find a 3 hour wait between loads. In the morning there were some locals there but they quickly tapered off as the wait got longer and longer. The only plane they used was a nice otter that they seemed to have redone. The King Air just sat on the ground, even when it could have been running all day. I guess that's normal from what I was told. By early afternoon most of the locals had left to do other things. They said it's common and they come out early when the waits are between 1-2 hours. The staff in the office was very busy and had no time to be curteous. I wasn't even showed the map and where I would need to look out for obstacles. As far as obstacles, steer clear of the gofer holes. There are many and will snap your leg as they have done to many jumpers I'm told. Paying $27 per ticket was definetely the most I've ever paid. Didn't make much sense since they go to 12,000 feet. Didn't see anyone organizing. Tons and tons of tandems roaming about. They too were pissy from waiting 3 hours or so. I stayed the whole day, I had to give it a chance since I was there. There was room on the last few loads since the tandem were done and there weren't much for fun jumpers. I jumped with one of the staff guys and he was fun. I was hoping to hang out and meet more of the staff over some beers after jumping but the owner shuts and locks every door as fast as they seem to be able to. It was like cockroaches scattering when you turn the lights on. I went out with the guy I jumped with and we had a beer. He can't wait to get transfered so he can jump elsewhere. Made sense to sad.
  3. Thinking about coming out to this one. The original post didn't say anything about organizing. I'm interested in both disciplines. I come from a belly background but have started freeflying this past year and have 150 jumps sitting. Don't know any people there and my girlfriend and I don't want to jump together all day........Thanks Jen