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  1. Also use Shoe Goo but I do not put the booties on until just before getting on plane and take them off as soon as I land
  2. Should still be in the Russian Prison!
  3. You leave something in my reseve packjob that doesn't belong and If i survive there is going to more than just a discussion about what happened
  4. Rigger needs to remove all his tools before closing packjob,Would probably work like it is supposed too with out extra items that don't belong inside!
  5. Waiting over a month for response from Alti-2 with no answer,Upgraded to windows 11 today and everything is now working like it used to!
  6. Sent request sept 13 Have not got any reply
  7. I just bought new windows 10 computer and after reinstalling paralog I am having the same problem It will not locate or install drivers for my neptune 3
  8. I have had a brand new canopy sent back to the manufacturer for hard openings that was condemned by them and I was giving another new canopy in exchange.
  9. You or the DZO fills out the paperwork for the award.The DZO makes a copy of your logbook showing jumps and time and sends it out to a regional director for verification and once it's been verified the USPA sends out the Award.
  10. I spent a lot of time and money getting these awards so I frame and hang the certificates on my wall and I keep the badges on the inside cover of my log book holder
  11. The Spaceland DZ's use single side AFF Instructors
  12. That was not one of their better idea's
  13. I can say almost anything i want on facebook without being banned for speaking my mind so why waste my time on here trying to get point across with breaking all the rules!
  14. Needs to find out where the nearest bowling alley is.Some people shouldn't skydive!
  15. Did 3 stactic line jumps at age 30.Did AFF at age 45 and now have over 3400 jumps at age 60
  16. Have had 3 step through's over the years.One I packed myself and 2 other's done by packers.Did a a control check and landed all 3 with no problems.
  17. If the TI is not at the door and can't see whats going on tell him to F off !!!!!
  18. Looks like the canopy is on backwards.
  19. Bill I have the v 310 in my vortex 2 with a crossfire 2 129. My rig is made for a 135 canopy