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  1. fyi dropped a mail to PD , got 2 answers back the same day from their service/marketing people, who offered me their help. Good from PD, it's something I like, at least they show interest in the problem
  2. hi everyone SHouldn't PD upfront react on this one? As a known brand they are screwing their reputation. admit the bug, fix it and get on with it! My experience used + 600 jumps sabre1- 135 no problems, never hard openings 1.1 wingload new sabre2-135 6 jumps always off heading always collapsed cells no hard openings no twists so far- wingload 1.1 Why do they bring this product to the market, they had 10 years to come up with a better evolution?
  3. Got the voodoo, flies great rigger rob, another question re. the stealth pilot chute when pushing in the spring RI states that you have to put the pilot chute 'mesh' inside the pilot chute spring ( and you may not pull the 'mesh' -hope it 's the correct word)out. do you understand what I mean , do you have any explanation why they suggest you to do that? Thanks Kurt
  4. HI Mike What I do know is that the waiting list get's long... a friend called last week and she has to wait for about 1 month to get a 1on1 training for 10' but it's the best in France for sure
  5. kaotik


    Price wise the cheapest? Don't think so . Price per jump, if you take a one off, is about 65 euro/$ Then you are better off with Frik Atmonauti...the most sympathetic couple in the air, no attitude, one to one training ....and their credentials are at least that good (european freestyle champ 2002) -http://digilander.libero.it/frickmarco/ in italian only and maybe slightly cheaper.......you can find them at the hot french boogies in summer Respect to Babylon but more and more people feel (at least at my DZ) they're in it for the money and don't do it with their heart - they feel that you are treated as a number Have a story of a guy at our DZ got 15 (fifteen) lessons in sitflying (and he could already sitfly, he just wanted to perfect it).....he's doing about 3-400 jumps per year so not a newbie
  6. kaotik


    thx Johan I checked out the PDF pages of course but noticed other information on reserve packing also like on http://www.totalcontrol.com.au/canopies.htm okay, an aussie site but rare to find different sizes - maybe the australian cubic inch is different then the american ones? Heared from my rigger that PDF sometimes has problems transforming their information to english standards
  7. kaotik


    mama mia - just got my voodoo(which I bought via the dropzone auction site btw) and it's a super deal! As I live in exotic belgium, prices of american reserves are quite high, so I'm looking at a Techno reserve from Parachute de France to put in my V2! I know the 'max ' cu volume is 325, does anyone know what the 'ideal' cubic inch size is for a V2 Reserve? Note that I DO care about the security aspect, but with my 160 LBS I can choose between a Techno 128(1.28 wingload) and a Techno 140(1.17 wingload). I have 150 jumps ,fly a 150 sabre will move to a 135 sabre. I have 0 reserve rides so far Send a mail to PDF on 01/06/03 but the just read and don't answer Send a mail to RI around 12/30/02 - but I guess they are still partying 'Don't postpone till tomorrow, what you can postpone today' - kurtv
  8. kaotik


    hi rigger rob do you pack the main in the voodoo as with any other rig(like a vector) I'm getting my new voodoo next week, and found on a message board something like [you need to stow your lines on top of your D-bag] here is what they say on the monkeyclaw.com [/iThere is one thing about the rig that take some getting used to. The Main D-bag goes in with the lines at the top. This doesn't seem to affect the deployment at all, however the packers may not enjoy this change! Now that I've been jumping and packing it for a few weeks, it's not a big deal.] any difference then in packing a normal rig, where I put the lines in the lower part of the rig(put in the d bag and then turn the bag so the lines are below) or is it my bad english thanks!