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  1. That's one Genie I wish would go back in the bottle. Dr. Richard Gatling expected that his invention would make war too horrible to consider. As Rocket J. Squirrel noted, "That trick never works!"
  2. Yup, I've been missed by such by being a rapidly moving target. If I'd stuck around I can't guarantee that I wouldn't have been hit. There's no second place winner in a gunfight, and I'd much rather be a live coward.
  3. That accounts for the influx at our Southern border. Since it's All Our Fault, we should cater to every whim of these poor wretches. BSBD, Winsor
  4. Don't recall saying that it did.
  5. The killfile is a marvelous feature.
  6. There's a big difference between Justifiable Homicide and Murder. That being said, I am a strong proponent of running like hell whenever possible. There's no second place winner in a gunfight. BSBD, Winsor
  7. I am again grateful for twitter for keeping our last president's account active long enough to get him out of office. If his handlers had managed to keep a lid on his semi-coherent ramblings, we might have been stuck with the dumb sonofabitch for another four years. Having said that, it does not make his replacements one iota better. If you have to compare someone to him in order for them to look more competent, they are definitively fucked up. I can think of a long list of candidates that check the same demographic boxes as Harris, but are better qualified for the Oval Office by any measure. Oddly enough, I think the incumbent is at least as dishonest as was his predecessor. The previous guy said whatever crossed his mind without any kind of filter, with fact and fiction being simply abstractions. The incumbent, OTOH, has a track record of academic dishonesty, plagiarism and active misrepresentation that stretch back through his whole career. I'd be hard pressed to say who I find more loathsome, since each is beneath contempt in his own way. The Mormon who ran some time back would likely have been our best bet for averting the bankruptcy of the US of A. The previous officeholder has an unfortunate track record of profiting from the bankruptcy of the organizations he headed, and the U.S. Government is just another example. The incumbent is mathematically illiterate. One down side of electing people whose success has depended on a complete lack of integrity. Telling them that dishonesty is bad kinda rings hollow when it has been their stock in trade, and it has gotten them this far. Jimmy Carter is a wonderful guy, but was badly suited for the presidency. He was no less naïve than Ford, but both were as honest as you could hope for - Ford truly was an Eagle Scout, and lived his life by the Scout Oath. Ronald Reagan would have done well to study basic Accounting, History and Machiavelli. He didn't seem to grasp the fact the motivation determines the outcome, and that tasking wealthy people to do noble things with an influx of currency is not likely to work without carefully crafted caveats. The reference to Machiavelli is that, while people wail and moan about 'greed,' a competent politician will treat it as a force of nature and harness it the way a sailor uses the wind. All this being said, Harris is an idiot. BSBD, Winsor
  8. Knock knock. Who's there? Crimea. Crimea who? Crimea a river.
  9. Bullshit. CRT is all about race, coming and going, and seeks 'equity' to the detriment of equality. Put lipstick on a pig and call it Betty Sue and all that.
  10. Equal rights, equal responsibilities. No more, no less
  11. Maybe, but they all talk funny, eh?
  12. I like the .50 Beowulf, but the problem is bullet selection. Basically you are limited to pistol bullets for the S&W class or .50 BMG bullets that won't work in a AR platform Since bullet construction and sectional density are paramount for charismatic megafauna, I'd swap out the .50 Beowulf upper for the .458 SOCOM if Brown or Polar bears were around - and do everything I could to avoid needing it. A colleague was in the Coast Guard in Alaska in the late '60s, and they would collect glass floats from Japanese fishing nets that had washed ashore after storms. They'd take the Z boat ashore and take turns covering the activity with an M-16. Noticing motion in the snow at a distance, binoculars revealed a Polar bear on the move. The .22 on steroids now looked like a pop gun that would do more to annoy the bear than anything, and they made their way back to the cutter and ended their beachcombing. As a big bear backup, I think I'd stick with the Marlin 1895 with Buffalo Bore 405 jacketed bullets doing 2,000 fps. If you need much more firepower than that, you're in pretty deep kimchee. BSBD, Winsor P.S. This: Is pretty much typical of human-bear interaction in the lower 48. I'd much rather relocate it somewhere that it can be a bear without the corruption of a human environment than to kill it for our convenience.
  13. Must'a been taking lessons from Charlie Sheen for that.
  14. These guys point out some of the detrimental effects of forcing people to have unwanted children:
  15. Since bears aren't crazy about fire, a flame thrower would be my first choice. Since the only reason I would go up against a bear would be to stop a very real attack, one of the novelty butane flame throwers would likely be as good as anything. The variant using petrol and M-4 thickener would cause hideous burns, which would be inhumane whether or not it still managed to kill me. Since a wounded Brown bear is likely to attack whatever it thinks caused it pain, shooting it would be my last choice. Having a face full of flame is more likely to freak it out and have it go to Plan B forthwith. Again, I don't begrudge the animal for wanting an easy meal, I simply don't wish to qualify as such. If in an area with a high fire danger, a bear spray projector / 140 dB air horn would likely be the best approach. All this is academic, since your basic Brown bear is very fast (by my standards). I was in grade school when I watched Brown bears romping in Yellowstone, and it hit me that I couldn't outrun one of them on my bicycle with a head start. They have my profound respect, and I am pleased to have avoided any close encounters with them. BSBD, Winsor
  16. In 1993 I was tying down my plane at St. Hubert when the line boy asked me who I favored in the game. "What game?" "The Stanley Cup." "Who's playing?" "Montreal and <somebody else>" "I hope Montreal wins!" "Great!" At maybe 11 PM there was no doubt who won. People wore their batteries down honking their horns, and Rue St. Catherine was a shambles, with broken store windows, overturned police cars and the like. Montreal fans make those in Boston and Philadelphia look like amateurs. BSBD, Winsor
  17. I don't follow basketball, but this does not appear to be the guy of expensive sneaker fame. The twitter account associated with this seems kinda icky.
  18. All skepticism aside, I sincerely hope you mean that.
  19. I thought he was doing a Tebow.
  20. I'm quite familiar. Browns include Grizzlies, Kodiaks and generic Browns, depending on the location. As mentioned, a Black Bear was scrounging for food and I yelled at it. It went away. Browns I've observed in the wild, and do my best to avoid. They are remarkably fast, notoriously tough, and generally kinda cranky. If one was charging and close enough that I'd even consider shooting it, the bear spray only pissed this one off, I'd want my .460 Weatherby, and it probably wouldn't do me any good at that point. SWATing aside, armed confrontation isn't my bag. BSBD, Winsor
  21. Being banned from any elective office for life would be a start.
  22. Suspiciously like a PA. To whom does one report these things?
  23. winsor


    They're just following CNN's lead.
  24. Understood. The guide that was killed was with a fishing party, the lady that dropped the bear with the Mk I was checking the mail. I'm with you on the bear spray, but autoloaders aren't my first choice for dangerous game, and pistols are at the low end of the Taylor KO range. My go to backup for big and cranky creatures is a Marlin 1895 in .45/70 firing full patch heavy solids. Going with the philosophy of using common ammo, a T/C Contender 14" in the same caliber works. If I had to stick to a pistol caliber, I'd use the Redhawk and the M92 in .44 RM with 300 gr. solids over as much 296 as will fit. With a wheelgun you don't have to rack the slide on a bad primer - just keep pulling the trigger. BSBD, Winsor