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  1. I 'm working for Peter swim 1963 he was in Washington state in 1963 he was out of the sky diving club there he also was friends with Bill Berg and get quite many adventures I have heard they might be in California area or Washington state if anybody knows him from the old days please get in touch with me it is very urgent that I am trying to find more information on where he is and more about him.
  2. Looking for a skydiver/ parachuter that's name is Peter good when he was in 1963 and Seattle area he was a skydiver many people have said that they have seen him in California do you know him or know of him his D number is 269 out of Washington state please help me. The US PA said that he got his license on February 5 1963 Washington
  3. i'm looking for Peter a Goodwin he was in the Seattle area in 1963 he had many adventures with Bill Burke I'm trying to locate him and find him many have said they seen him in California if anyone knows were you sad or knows where he was or he lives I would love to speak with him it's very important. His D number is 269 I know that he was friends with many of the old-timers here and most of them are deceased if you know him or you know where he sat please help me it's important that I get to speak with him soon.