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  2. I will be soon moving to Spain from the UK. Will I need to convert my British Skydiving license to the Spanish federation one? And if so, does anyone know what the process is? Thank you
  3. Great audible - no frills but plenty versatile - excellent price. I bought v1 before anyone had even reviewed it and couldnt be happier.
  4. At the same loading, as in this case, I'd say the bigger canopy has the stronger stopping/breaking power. So I'd bet my money that it opens faster. Although I am sure it's alot more complicated, and probably, how fast it opens is more influenced by the volume of the air needed to inflate fully and how quickly the air can get into the canopy.
  5. Union Jack Teardrop sounds like Tim Porter, he also has a zebra skin one
  6. Pretty sure one (the skydiver) of Fluid Wings' original band members is an engineer (not sure which specialty) by training............Did I read it on their website?
  7. Found it....Visor Mount from ZKULLS
  8. I cant find it but I recently saw a photo of a TFX with a camera mount on the visor
  9. Any more info on the NExus? I really want one instead of going the Sabre route but as I cannot demo one in Europe it would be great to hear some first hand impressions.
  10. Tonfly Full face unveiled
  11. Yes I bought it at the DZ in Reggio Emilia. Noticed you could do the same on another trip to Fano. Insurance: Pegaso Price per year: 90 euro Max coverage: 1.5M euro If I remember correctly there was also a temporary option that lasted 3 months.....but not totally sure. Another popular skydiving insurance in ITALY is Pianeta Volo
  12. I had to pay for an italian insurance as my skydiving Bupa International's max payout was not enough in Italy.
  13. Also in another video from Greg Rau @ UPT, double wraps are recommended as his preferred method...
  14. UPT semi stowless packing video shows double wraps.... U-stow Semi Stowless Main Bag Packing Video
  15. If you are in North London within 1:30 hrs car ride: Sibson Friday-Sunday Caravan Hinton Tuesday-Sunday Pac 750 Chatteris Twin Otter 2:15 hrs away Langar open everyday Caravan
  16. Apparently the idea that wingsuiting attracts people that dont know how to fly or cant be bothered to learn how to fly their bodies, is trending. Surely there are plenty of opinions out there to fuel interest.
  17. the Nikon Keymissions have been out for a while and look good...
  18. After 15 hours I'm doing 2/3 ways HU with some HD exits, 2/3 ways tracking (starting to work on steeper angles). Only twice a FF 4-way with HD flower exit. Mostly these jumps are with very experienced free fliers.
  19. Whichever way you choose you are going to have to seriously up your budget if you want to learn to fly your body. I would suggest 8/10 hrs of tunnel time is a great investment towards body flying skills. Ideally at least keeping current with rental gear while getting comfortable under canopy. Then, you will be faced with the even more difficult budget decision: coaching in the sky or in the tunnel.
  20. Was about to order one but you appear to be out of stock.
  21. I am trying to gauge the actual speed/range difference a suit can give you vs. the range you have by changing your body position. For example, if the range between your slowest falling body position and your fastest belly arch is X, how does that compare to a modern FF suit of the fastest nylon vs. the heaviest cordura option? Any other explanation regarding baggy or tight fit would also be helpful. I know the suit is a tool but how much difference can it really make?
  22. For sure the money is part of the equation. Certainly not the priority in this particular case. Although parting with money is bound to induce some kind of resistance. Through some healthy research said resistance should certainly be extinguished if there is a safety concern.