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  1. Thankyou for following up! I'm now super curious how I arrived at this belief, from memory we laid some of the demo canopies from PD over each other, and on the ol' anecdata butt dyno a velo *definitely* doesn't look as oval as that diagram staring at it from below. I appreciate the correction though, cheers.
  2. A velocity is squarer than a sabre2. There's more to this than just how oval the parachute is.
  3. We already saw it in action up thread when it tried to murder Campbell.
  4. I'm exaggerating but the process of getting all the line groups back together, straightened out and then trying to find a straight answer for which of the two continuous lines was meant to be on the inside of the link took longer than packing the rig up when I was done
  5. I'm still basically apoplectic with rage that a reserve I bought recently came without slinks. I've always held that slinks are good for the lifespan of a lineset, I don't really see why changing owners would affect that.
  6. Christ knows if my flysight was still going (I always turn it on, but I flew the WW like 4 days into a boogie). I should definitely have some footage I can dig up.
  7. VSE also has two form factors for the Infinity, SN (short + narrow) which sits higher and standard which is longer and flatter. Freefliers tend to prefer the SN models, wingsuiters and really tall people gravitate toward the standard. With that said, I think every manufacturer now has some variation on this concept now.
  8. +1 what size. If you want a comparison, I have a 135 zp winx in a container that comfortably held a 120KA and it's REALLY TIGHT. It's not dangerous, but it is absolutely the tightest allowable fit in that container, and I have to pack really neat and not put myself on short calls because it's a bastard to close. I really wish I'd gotten the LPV version or maybe a 120 instead. edited to add: Sorry I can't remember how the katana fit in that container since it's been a while, but I don't remember it ever being a problem. I had a 129 crossfire in there briefly and I think I remember it being a similar pain in the ass to the winx.
  9. That's a healthy attitude for sure. What I read from your post is that you're trying to ask how to do the thing you've decided on is the solution, rather than trying to ask people how to solve your underlying problem. This is something I see really commonly in my line of work, and it's why it trips off my spidy sense. You're asking what you have to do in order to do big turns on your front risers, and I'm asking why you want to do that (I don't really care if you tell me, I just think you should make sure that you have a convincing explanation for yourself). If your goal is to swoop, you should just be thinking about how to get more power and consistency out of your turn, regardless of the rotation. If you're right at the edge of the pressure you can keep the risers down under, you're going to have massive consistency issues. This is why I'm telling you to get advice from people who've actually seen you fly. Good luck man, I hope you get it figured out.
  10. Oh fancy! Do you take it off afterward?
  11. I think others have covered most of it here, but I just want to echo.. not being able to do a 270 on fronts is probably the worst imaginable reason to downsize, and to give you some idea, I probably can't do more than a 270 on any of my canopies (Mostly in the 60's and 70's sq ft). There's not really any reason to, even in the context of competitive swooping, and if that's a goal for you I don't think downsizing will get you any closer to it. Get someone who knows you and has seen you fly to help you make a decision.
  12. It can be a ton of things. If your risers have shrunk a few mm that can be a substantial trim change in the grand scheme of things. I had 2 velo 84's on the same lineset, one opened noticably better, the other swooped measurably farther. Keep on top of it and try to get to the bottom of the reason, but don't lose sleep over it.
  13. What's going on on the left hand side of your container??
  14. Sunpath really like F111 pilot chutes. Without getting into that debate (I am firmly in camp-zp-pilot chutes) you're probably going to have hella hesitations if you take super short delays with an F111 PC. You could screw around with your gear, but 2s is a really short delay for a hop n pop. I would just take an easy 5, and I bet your problem goes away. If you're just set on taking super short delays (This was me for a while, I had a katana with a Velo RDS and on it and the openings were.. snappy) try either a larger PC (sunpath will make you a 33", understand that this is a bad idea for terminal) or try a ZP one (personally I really like the VSE design, and did before I represented them).
  15. Based on the one picture on insta, the xbracing looks very similar to what's in my HK. Interested to see more and hopefully jump one.