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  1. 209 miles doorstep to manifest window. Takes me 2 hrs 46 min to drive it.
  2. I love how proud papa you are, Chuck. Your kid's a good one. I've never gotten canopy coaching from JT, but I have had plenty from Justin. The Flight 1 program is a great one! To the OP, I'm a conservative jumper. I love freefall and canopy flight. I have plenty of fun under my massive wing. I don't understand the need many newer jumpers have to downsize so quickly. Honestly, I could see myself staying with my large canopy, or at least the same size. I was told long ago, similar to other posters, that until you can truly fly and land your canopy in any situation then you're probably not ready to downsize.
  3. Moosie

    Who can I talk to?

    Lyman at Desert Sky, Carmen at the school, Aviva just down the road, and about a million others. RI and Firebird practically (but not quite) on site. There are a ton of knowledgeable people/riggers in Eloy. You just have to ask around. Wander into the Prop on a Thursday (Taco night), grab some $1 tacos, a beer or two, and ask around. Most of those people will send you in very good directions. And your bartender may even be Carmen herself.
  4. Moosie

    New to skydiving new to the Forum

    Welcome to the boards, Angus. What sorts of questions do you have?
  5. Congrats on completing AFF, and welcome to the boards! I got my A a few weeks ago, so I undersrand well where you're at.enjoy the solos and that new helmet!
  6. Moosie

    Hi there !

    Welcome to the boards. Your English and grammar are better than some native speakers. Blue skies, Moosie PS your ugly mug is nice
  7. Moosie

    Red Rock Skydiving-Cottonwood, AZ

    Just got off the phone with someone who's jumped there many times. She said the landing zone is small, and somewhat on a hill. She also said it's a great little DZ and fun to jump at. Good family friendly DZ. If your'e going to take a weekend to jump then going to Eloy is advised. but if you're just looking for a day or a few jumps then Red Rock is good. I plan on heading down there on July 2nd to get a lay of the land and maybe some jumps. Where near Sedona are you moving?
  8. Moosie

    Another G'day from Aus!

    Welcome to the boards! Good luck with the waiting. I do my FJC later in May and hope to finish up my A before July. The waiting isn't easy. Good luck, Splat!
  9. Moosie

    Back in the air!

    Welcome back!