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  1. 209 miles doorstep to manifest window. Takes me 2 hrs 46 min to drive it.
  2. I love how proud papa you are, Chuck. Your kid's a good one. I've never gotten canopy coaching from JT, but I have had plenty from Justin. The Flight 1 program is a great one! To the OP, I'm a conservative jumper. I love freefall and canopy flight. I have plenty of fun under my massive wing. I don't understand the need many newer jumpers have to downsize so quickly. Honestly, I could see myself staying with my large canopy, or at least the same size. I was told long ago, similar to other posters, that until you can truly fly and land your canopy in any situation then you're probably not ready to downsize.
  3. Lyman at Desert Sky, Carmen at the school, Aviva just down the road, and about a million others. RI and Firebird practically (but not quite) on site. There are a ton of knowledgeable people/riggers in Eloy. You just have to ask around. Wander into the Prop on a Thursday (Taco night), grab some $1 tacos, a beer or two, and ask around. Most of those people will send you in very good directions. And your bartender may even be Carmen herself.
  4. Hey E - Burner confirmed at their last launch (this past April, I think...) that his son would be back to do balloon jumps when the weather cools.
  5. Burner took last winter off to get some new knees. He also took his recovery time to help train up some other balloon pilots, too. I would expect balloons to come back to Eloy in October some time. The sign up form outside manifest says "on hold until October" (
  6. Are you sure it's the same place? These guys just opened up, as skydiving iver the Gac hasn't previously been allowed. And they din't allow funjumpers, either. If it's a different place can you let me know where so I don't go there?
  7. Jared - Have you made it out to RRSD yet? I was out there yesterday. Small little DZ with tons of personality. I got in a few jumps before it was just too hot. They had a good mix of tandems and fun jumpers for a place that size (and for one plane). I'll definitely be back.
  8. I took it as maybe thebull isn't so young. I'd say 4 jumps is new. I'd say my 42 jumps is new. I'd say it'll be a long while before I feel not new. But I'm not necessarily young.
  9. I wasn't at the boogie. I went out to buckeye instead. I'm out in CA visiting family and getting some jumps in. I'll definitely drop you a line when I head to Eloy next!
  10. Welcome to the boards, Angus. What sorts of questions do you have?
  11. Congrats on completing AFF, and welcome to the boards! I got my A a few weeks ago, so I undersrand well where you're at.enjoy the solos and that new helmet!
  12. Welcome to the boards. Your English and grammar are better than some native speakers. Blue skies, Moosie PS your ugly mug is nice
  13. Just to clarify, I don't second guess the accuracy of an digital alti. I understand how gauges work, I understand calibrations and offsets. I live with this daily as a robotics engineer. I also know thatvwhen I quickly glance at something digital and then away again I often have to stop and think "wait! Was that a six or an eight? Maybe a five?" it takes longer for my brain to process, for whatever reason. My caveman-like brain can quickly interpret the bigass clockface on my Galaxy without giving it conscious thought.
  14. I'm considered young by some (not so young by others). Either way, I prefer analog when others my age insist on digital. I second guess digital all the time. I don't second guess my analog altimeter. I vote people use whatever works best for them.