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  1. Are you visiting PR? you wont regret dude :)
  2. There's no place like playa del Carmen ♥ thanks for sharing this info I want to go there again!
  3. Hi everyone! Im about to make a trip to mexico to visit my family in tijuana and im driving to Ensenada to take my first skydiving experience :D My friends are joining me. We're traveling from San Francisco, taking a shared shuttle to lax and then San Diego, Tijuana and finally Ensenada. My friends have plenty of experience in these kind of activities and they told me about Skydive Guadalupe in Mex so I'll be there soon. Tips, advice and comments are more than welcome :D thanks! P.S. This transportation agency is taking us to Los Angeles to Tijuana with a special discount because our skydiving group: And this agency in Mexico
  4. Hi everyone! Im new at the forum and also at skydiving. Im going to have my first skydiving experience in a couple months :D I hope to learn from all of you (the experts) and share experiences as well.. Thanks!