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  1. wasn't very clear but yeah that's what I meant. Thanks. I tried to find it but I didn't think to check that forum.
  2. Just came across this, not looking to pass judgement or anything but I think this makes the TI look kinda bad. Thoughts?
  3. https://www.vigil.aero/wp-content/uploads/PRODUCT-ADV-01-2017-1.pdf
  4. http://www.dropzone.com/dropzone/Detailed/553.shtml Not clear what their jumping season is. Just did a quick search on the dropzone finder. Maybe shoot them an email?
  5. Are there any US/CA dropzones that use snap shackle single point restraints?
  6. This guy's skyhook/ dropzone ban related posts make great reading. Not because they add value to the discussion (apart from entertainment value), but because he keeps repeating the same thing in all the posts and his arrogant know it all attitude despite still being a student. And the fact that he did 16 tandems before AFF!!!(19 total). I would very much like to read the orginal posts that resulted in his ban from the dropzone if anyone knows where they are.
  7. Poor guy, didn't seem to "fight" the twists that much. Though. The bigger the better. I agree. Thanks. Is there a video of this?
  8. I am still confused as to why someone clearly capable of writing intelligible content would post some nonsensical spambot-level BS, with a broken link. The thread title and post don't even mean anything...
  9. What's different about a silhouette that would make it dangerous? It's not that high performance is it? The description says "lightly tapered" which I think generally means it's not that aggressive. I've only jumped volts and pilots so I don't really know anything about different how different canopies handle, just that a fully eliptical like a katana for instance would be insanely aggressive and prone to spinning up, even at a conservative wing loading.